tambour doors

  1. G

    FREE Tambour doors

    2 silver tambour doors 75x34cm If nobody wants them they will be binned. Cheers
  2. JonriceT6

    For Sale Tambour doors x 2

    I purchased 2 x tambour doors for a slide out POD I was making, but I no longer require these. they are : 200x500mm 300x500mm They got fitted but they weren’t used, as decided on a different layout, Paid £80 for the pair, Open to offers if anyone requires them. thank you
  3. R

    Tambour Door Fitting

    Can tambour doors be fitted with door opening from the top rather than the bottom... ie spirals are at the bottom? Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. W

    Sodding Tambour Doors!

    Frustration time. We've loaded up our camper and had a day trip out. On our return ALL 3 of the horizontally tambour doors have been lodged shut with "stuff" wedged inside them. One I've managed to open, and can see that the door cassette when open leaves a lovely 3" gap for various items to...
  5. Tartanfairy

    Tambour Door Traumas / Solutions?

    Hi All, Hoping I could pick the brains of those that may have experienced this issue before and (hopefully) come up with a workable solution. We planned and received our new conversion back in May, complete with side units with tambour (roller) doors on all cupboards. We've now been using it...