talca wheels

  1. F

    Amarok Talca 20 inch tyre sizes?

    Bought a set of Amarok Talca alloys for my T6. Had 245/40 20 load rated tyres fitted all round as was under the impression 245 was the widest for 8j. The spokes on the alloys protrude way beyond the tyres. Does anyone have these wheels on and which tyres have you got? Many thanks.
  2. Jamie2.0

    VW Amarok 20" Wheels

    In the latest Vw vans parts catalog I found these, they're a 20" x 8J meant for the Amorak, catalog price £299 inc vat + tyres. They look a little like the Audi RS6c wheels, Wish my pockets were way deeper then they are right now!
  3. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  4. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33