1. Patch

    Sold Awning C-Rail - SWB Aluminium pre-drilled for passenger side fitting

    For sale - Aluminium awning rail to fit SWB T6. (2.4m) I have pre-drilled this for use on passenger side. Easy to fit (if you have step ladder). Comes with stainless steel bolts and washers (re-use your pre-fitted VW rubber washers under the rail). The rail enables use of Sun shade or driveaway...
  2. S

    In an ideal world

    If you had the choice to buy a new van for a complete conversion would you go for: Long or Short wheel base, DSG or Manual. Pros and cons please can't make up my mind. Also T32 or T30. Does it make a difference, T32 suspension is meant to be too hard but with the extra weight of the cabinets and...
  3. bullracing

    For Sale Pop Top Roof Bungee / Bellows Safety Device Swb & Lwb

    These aid in the lowering of your pop top canvas safely. After problems with the design of my pop top causing it to leak I decided to make my own bungee to aid the canvas when lowering the pop top roof. It overcomes the bellowing of the canvas if you have the doors shut and also pulls the sides...
  4. bullracing

    Sold Kombi / Shuttle Swb Interior And Seats Package Or Seperate

    This was removed from my 2016 T6 Shuttle SE trim with 9500miles on. All parts are SE trim so thicker carpet, black panels etc. The carpet is a Shuttle carpet so will have some holes where the rear seats were. One row of seats already sold. Interior bits include: Both twin sliding door panels...
  5. F

    Swb Vs Lwb Window Differences?

    Are there any differences in the sizes of rear side window glass - Sliding door glass and rear quarter glass, between a SWB and a LWB ? I thought it's just an extra section of metal body and windows/glass was the same?
  6. Side Bars

    Side Bars

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  8. C

    My T6... (sponsored By Amazon)

    Hi! Not sure if 'build threads' exist here but it's been a while since I've done one and I plan to keep this van for a long time so might as well start early! So after a relatively unsuccessful spell of running a car dealership for 2 years I needed a flexible way to make money fast and Amazon...
  9. Pauly

    For Sale Sportline Led Sidebars

    I have managed to acquire a few sets of T6 SWB illuminated sidebars, these are the genuine VW units that have not been available for some time now and are identical to the normal T6 trapezoid bars but with added illumination, i currently have 6 sets (1 set provisionally sold and i will prob fit...
  10. S

    For Sale SWB Illuminated Polished Side Bars Trapezoid

    for sale SWB illuminated side bars. These are the latest trapezoid shape bars made exclusively for the Sportline model with the LED puddle lights underneath. Genuine VW part. £450 plus carriage.
  11. Howler

    For Sale SWB Kombi OEM Fiberboard Interior Panels

    Genuine VW Kombi interior panels for SWB. 2 x full height rear third panels, 1x half height middle third panel, 1x passenger side sliding door panel, 2x C-pillar panels with seatbelt cut-outs and 1x tailgate panel (tailgate has strap for closing and electric window type switch to release). Come...
  12. S


    I have one set of the new Sportline side bars spare.
  13. D

    Advice needed please!

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and new to Volkswagen Vans! The forum has been an invaluable resource, so a big thank you everyone. I am about to place a factory order for a new Kombi for a camper conversion. I am finding it hard to decide whether to go for a SWB or LWB. What would more...
  14. Barnstormer

    SWB internal bike rack solution

    If you like me don't fancy leaving expensive bikes on a tailgate or tow hitch rack while you dive into a motorway service station or the pub on a weekend away then you might be interested in the system I'm using in my SWB Kombi. It's not a new idea and can be found as old threads on older...