1. P

    Stock Clayton’s + 225/75/16

    I’m potentially looking at going down the route of powder coated stock Clayton’s with 225/75/16 (AT tyres - BF, Cooper or similar). This is going to sound a bit odd but I’m not chasing the swamper look, just looking to get a practical setup that will better fill the arches, get me on and off...
  2. TallPaul_S

    Full size roof rack options

    Has anyone had a full size roof rack fitted and care to give some opinions? There's a couple of options that I can find, without spending a small fortune: Flat Dog UK rack - £870 Inc fitting https://www.flatdoguk.com/volkswagen%2Dt5%2D%2F%2Dt6%2Dfd%2Drax%2D%2D%2Dswb%7E3416 Front Runner slim...
  3. Glenn Board

    For Sale 2016 T32 LWB 140PS 4Motion Highline Kombi, Seikel Lift kit. £21,995

    2016 VW Transporter LWB 4Motion Highline Combi Van Seikel Lift Conversion 140bhp model remaped in 2016 to 180BHP by AMD Essex Very High Specification Privatley Owned Van NO VAT £21,995 Might Consider P/EX I purchased this van in 2016 from VW Main dealer Beatles of Dartford who had this as their...
  4. W

    What tyre pressure for LT245/65/R17 swamper ?

    Hi all, I have recently converted my T6.1 swb panel van into a camper van. I threw on a set of KMC hole shot rims with Marshall Grabber tyres. My question is what tyre pressure would best suit this particular configuration ? Thanks in advance Leon
  5. J

    Two tone swamper

    Any two tone swampers out there? Basically we have a swamper style camper and the other half wants it painted two tone, which was always her idea before we went swamper. Now, I like the rugged look but not sure it goes with a mixed colour scheme. Any pics and thoughts?!?!??
  6. archersam

    General Grabber AT3's vs the BFG KO range

    LWB black shuttle that I have been running on B14's for a while now, however I am doing a road trip to Italy to a house we are buying and will be pretty loaded up and the roads are well not so great on the final stretches and in fairness in general when up in the hills and mountains where we...
  7. Cooper

    Sold 17” Black Rhino Warlord + AT3 235/65/17. £1100

    For sale. Stunning set of 17” Black Rhino Warlord wheels in Gun Metal grey with 235/65/17 properly rated tyres all with at least 9mm tread. The wheels are in excellent condition. I had these on my last California 4motion and looked awsome. If you’re wanting to embrace your inner swamper then...
  8. ashmul

    16's or 17s AT on a 4 motion and new some new rims

    Just moved to a mountain with my T6.1 and experienced a tyre blow out with my 18s with fancy city drive alloy that came with her when I purchased. And of course the previous owner had a 16 in the under carrier, not sure why since its a 4 motion... nightmare day to say the least. Looking to go...
  9. S

    Sold KMC Holeshot 17 inch Swamper Wheels and Michelin Latitude tyres

    Selling my KMC Holeshots with Michelin Latitude tyres. Tyres all have just under 7mm of tread and in excellent condition. No kerbing but there is some bubbling around the outer rim bolts - this appears to affect all of these wheels based on photos of other used offerings (including historic...
  10. D

    Wanted 17” Swamper style wheels & tyres wanted

    Prefer Black Rhino Warlords, but others considered. For a 2018 T6 Caravelle 4motion. Cash waiting :)
  11. N

    Show us your swamper on 17s

    Evening all- can you please post swamper pictures of your van lowered, standard or raised on 17” wheels Tia
  12. N

    Wanted 17” swamper wheels

    Wanted 17” swamper wheels preferably Navis Mac
  13. FerrisBFW

    Swamper v Caravelle ride height?

    So i have a 5.1 Caravelle 4motion currently on VW steel 17” wheels and Falken Wildthingy tyres 235/65 17. I am about to order some KONI special shock rear shocks from CRS. I have completely rebuilt the front suspension and the brakes last summer, new struts, bushes etc. My question is i was...
  14. J

    Having trouble styling my T6 Starlight Swamper

    Hi All, I recently purchased a T6 Starlight 4 motion panel van which I will be converting to a camper. When I decided I would start a camper conversion project, the end product which I had in mind was a swamper type vehicle. I can find plenty of inspiration pictures of swappers in other...
  15. A

    For Sale 2021 T32 SWB 199PS DSG 4Motion Kombi Highline. £65k

    Follow this link for more pictures please. Epic Swamper Build If that doesn't work try the Van Cave epic swamper build Hello all, Due to family getting older and wanting to experience things on their own more, holidays with mum and dad are getting far less attractive. Mum’s also not so keen...
  16. kombisnaps

    Wanted 17 / 18” swamper / off-road style alloys

    Looking for some black / grey / bronze off road style alloys to put on the van. let me see what you have / thinking of selling! Location in london
  17. T6ChrisO

    Sold BFG Swamper Steels/Tyres x4 - £300

    New wheels will be going on next week so im going to advertise my current set for sale. Details as follows: 16" VE steelies wrapped in BFG All Terrain Tyres Wheels have been sprayed in a Matt Black by someone. Possible rattle can job, unsure. Finish isnt perfect but IMO totally acceptable...
  18. T6ChrisO

    Found Swamper wheels

    In the market for some Swamper alloys. Bonus points if they have AT3s on :thumbsup: Must post or be located in the North West
  19. J

    T6 4motion to swamper or not!!

    Hi all I've a T6 4motion that will be up for sale shortly. Currently got 17" steels with road tyres , or I've a set of 19" alloys that need a refurb. Opinions will be divided but what do yous reckon would be the best set up for selling?? Cheers
  20. PullersSWK

    Devonports on a lifted van?

    Hi Guys, I’m in the process of getting the ball rolling converting my Ex RAC Transporter… Originally I wanted to go for the Bogger look but with so much to do, maybe paying out for those type of wheels isn’t the best option at the moment. Found a chap on eBay (Dub Depot) selling delivery...