1. Pedro20001

    For Sale Claytons with 235 70r16 yokohama geolandar Go15's.

    For sale immaculate claytons with bolts and locking nuts. 235 70r16 yokohama geolanders g015's less than 4000 miles. £425 ono derby / Nottingham area.
  2. tonybb66

    Urban Swamper look achieved at last

    Hi All Eventually got round to getting the campervan lowered and new wheels/tyres after driving it around with massive gaps in the wheel arches, really pleased with the look and change in handling, less mattress style and more sure footed and direct, big thanks to the guys at THQ :thumbsup:
  3. G

    Sold Black rhino arsenal BFG swamper 17” wheels

    4 - 17x8 Black Rhino Arsenal Matt Black Wheels 4 - 225/65R17 B.F.Goodrich All Terrain Tyres KO2 Blackwall facing in 16 - Wheel Bolts 1 - Set of Locking Bolts 4 - Spigot Rings VW T5 / T6 fitment and possibly others Tyres have done 1500 miles, all in great condition just need a clean. Collect from...
  4. A

    Swamper Suspension suggestions for 245/65/17

    I have just bought a set of Swamper wheels, with Goodrich tyres size 245*65*17. I am considering changing the suspension, and am hoping some of you could offer some advice as to what would suit best. I don't want to lower the van, I simply want to achieve a comfier ride. any advice would be...
  5. A

    4Motion - Underslung LPG thoughts?

    Hello, So I'm currently in the process of converting our T32 SWB 4Motion into a Swamper camper and all currently is going good and to plan.... so far. Touch wood. i know there isn't a space to mount the LPG tank under the vehicle as standard due to the Diff being in the desired mounting...
  6. D.Bradley

    Help and advice swamper wheel and tyres upgrade

    Hi good afternoon everyone hope your all safe and well we would like to upgrade our camper van wheels to some swamper wheels and tyres what size should we be looking for please and what tyre size the camper is going to Steve at crs to sort out the suspension but was hoping to get the right...
  7. T

    Swamper vs Sport

    Hi again I’m wondering which way to go on my new T6 4 motion. Most of the time will be on smooth roads but I have a genuine need for some steep, slippery, wet and slightly off road use. Go Swamper (noisy ride?), dropped suspension (need air for those occasions off road), or standard ride height...
  8. Bynxy

    swamper over sized wheel carrier

    How do you carrier your over sized spare wheel I am looking for a rear carrier like like the HESS Automobile carrier system but I can't get hold of the bike rack as a starting point HESS Wheel carrier system I was looking at the over sized under wheel carrier but want to fit LPG tank in its...
  9. Juddster

    Swamper wheels and Solows as a combo

    I’m considering buying a set of 18” swamper wheels from THQ and fitting on my LWB T6. Any one on here tried this combo, and what tyre size. Any advise appreciated
  10. T6180

    SwamperLow - Yes or No

    Swamper 17" Fuel Zephyr alloys running non-swamper Goodyear 225/55/17s tyres This look is like marmite, you either like it or hate it!....personally I'm liking it and comfort wise, it's so good!
  11. G

    16" Swamper alloys

    Hi all Im searching for some alternatives to my 16" steels... Im really surprised the only 16" option (other than steel wheels ) i can find is .... Gojo modular wheel 16x8 GOJOS Black Modular 5x120 ET-25 | Tyres Direct or these https://www.offquattro.com/cerchi-rbs01-bead-lock-5x120/ for 17"...
  12. CarpyT6

    Sold Fuel Zephyr matt black and Bronze Swamper alloys

    The time has come to move on from the Zephyr's, these are a fantastic wheel and look great but I fancy a change. Only covered about 1500 miles since fitting in January. They are fitted with 225 60 17 103 Cooper Discoverer ATT tyres. These fit fine on vans as low as mine (80mm) would probably be...
  13. C

    Sold Swamper Wheels & BFG KO2 Tyres

    I have for sale my swamper wheel and tyre set-up. Purchased from Volkstrek just after Christmas, they have been fantastic in the recent bad weather, deep snow etc though have never been used off road. Only reason for sale is that I am starting to do lots of motorway mileage for work, so looking...
  14. S

    T6.1 Speedo Adjustment for larger wheels

    I am about to buy a set of Fuel Zephyrs for my T6.1 Shuttle running on 235/65/17 and as far as I am aware no one is yet able to tweak the calibration on the 6.1 software to correct the speedo, so was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this...
  15. T

    Swamper wheels to fit large brakes

    Hi all I have a T6 T32 and having issues getting swamper wheels to fit around the large breaks. I have tried the Wolfrace Sahara with 10mm spacers (to get round breaks) with 245/65/17 BFGs and the set up doesn’t work. Tyres sit outside wheel arch and rub the wheel arch liner. The van is on...
  16. MBA77

    Swamper Height that’s below 2m?

    Hi Everyone, I'm considering going down the swamper route but ideally need to still be below 2 metres to get into basement car parks. Can any members enlighten me on their vans overall height after going swamper? I'm looking at 225 65 17 BF Goodrich KO2's with standard suspension but would also...
  17. Depron Donkey

    Suspension lift - T32 Swamper.

    I want to raise my van by around 25mm-35mm. Its a T32 which I know is oversprung unless loaded causing the harsh ride. I would like to kill two birds with one stone by fitting a spring kit and maybe a set or uprated ARB's and getting a softer ride but have read that some spring kits are not only...
  18. Vinci

    Tomahawk 17 wheels

    At long last, beefed up the look of my van, with “swamper” look. The original tyres will need replacing in a couple of thousand miles (c40000miles), and I have been fed up with my rattling van with its original suspension, wheels and tyres. Dan at Simply Surf Bus was brilliant, and took time...
  19. Vinci

    Van ride awful. Will swamping help?

    Admittedly the quality of roads in North East Somerset is shocking, and my van is a van with original van tyres, but the noisy ride and rattling SCA roof means that sometimes people can’t hear me on the hands free phone. Will swamping it with new shocks, smaller wheels and big doughnut tyres transfo
  20. Ed Webb

    For Sale 25mm Savage Lift kit Swamper Style

    25mm Savage lift kit bought from Black Rock Outfitters via eBay. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/black.rock.outfitters Used for 1year 10,000miles. Fitted before busfest last year. Two (rear) spacers have residual sika or similar and one has a slight dent made during removal. Nothing that either can't...