supermetal trident wheels

  1. S


    Set of four brand new 20" Trident alloys in Matt black. (Although the appearance is more satin than matt) I purchased these alloys from Listers when I collected my van. Unfortunately due to their incompetence the van was returned for a full refund. However they refused to refund the wheels due...
  2. N

    For Sale Supermetal Trident 20" w/ Continental Tyres

    Hi there, Selling my set of Supermetal Trident 20" in matte black with polished lip. These are shod with Continental ContiSportContact6 275/35/ZR20 XL tyres. Wheel dimensions are 20" x 9J, ET45 and I believe load rated for 930Kg. Selling as I have bought a set of Navis Twin-5. The...
  3. C

    20” Trident wheels in black

    Hi, does anyone know the name of these wheels? Thanks
  4. K

    20” Trident wheels in silver - pictures please!

    Has any one got a set of these on there van in silver trying to find a picture of them on a van thanks
  5. The Van Cave

    SuperMetal Wheels are Back in Stock!

    After a few months of virtually no UK stock, 20" SuperMetal wheels are back and ready to ship! A few colour and style combinations still aren't in yet, but they're coming, here's what's available now! All pricing includes VAT and delivery and is based on wheels only. Great prices on wheel and...
  6. Village

    Sold 20" SuperMetal Tridents, Matt Black with Polished Rim. £650

    20" matt black SuperMetal Tridents, with polished rim. Wheels are 20" x 9J, ET45. Load rated to 930kg, so plenty for a T32. Tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3, 265/40/20, load rated 104Y, so again, plenty for a T32. Wheels are in good condition. They've done 10k miles and were coated in...
  7. Graham davisbv67fug

    Which tyres for 20” Supermetal wheels?

    Good afternoon. I am replacing my VW supplied 18” alloys with 20” Suoermetal Trident alloys that I recently purchased. Have been doing some research and have narrowed down tyres four options. Some of the posts on this forum have helped me arrive at this decision: Prices are fitted, 275/40/20...
  8. Fidget

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    yeah, I'm sure you've heard it all before from another newbie, sorry about this. It's time to change the rubber, the van came with a new set of tyres that turned out to be just better than crap. They've been on there or 6 months and are done already. Wheels were new, it's not been curbed or off...
  9. F2JON

    Supermetal Trident vendors

    Anyone know the best place to get a set of super metal trident 20” :thumbsup:
  10. T

    20” VW alloy wheel option

    Well at the dealers on Friday and it looks like 20” wheels will no longer void the warranty as they are being supplied by VW so I can’t see they could reject a warranty claim due to oversize wheels now.
  11. Steveski

    What Wheels?

    I’m embarking on this journey of wallet emptying and wanted to pick brains as a newbie :) I want some smarter looking wheels, even toying with a rough off road look, I know, I know it’s not a 4 motion :) but I like the look, do you have any recommendations that will not alter the DSG gearing or...
  12. Y

    T6 Caravelle T30 Or T32??

    Not sure if anybody can clear this question up please? T6 Caravelle executive 204dsg It shows under the bonnet gross weight 3080 same as V5 but when I phone VW they tell me it's a t32 because it's got the larger suspension arms 55mm not 50mm on build sheet So is it a legal requirement to have...