sun visor

  1. Skippygriff

    Sun visor interchangeable part numbers

    I’ve searched the forum and see people wrapping and spraying sun visors. I’m fairly sure the mk4 golf and Octavia, maybe some Audi’s have the same sun visors as the t6 in black? Just wondered if anyone can confirm they defo fit? Part numbers I see are 5857551 and 5857552. That’s without the...
  2. R

    2020 T6 kombi tsi. Vanity mirror lights have no power

    Hi, In the last 2 weeks I replaced my aging T5 with a 2020 T6 Kombi KR. This is one of only a few that come over with the factory California roof and seats. When I got i home realised that the vanity mirror lights didn't come on when the mirror cover was slid over. Pulled the lights out and...
  3. DubHaus

    Sun visor clip part number?

    Hi, can anyone tell me the part number for these please? They’ve got 51590JF1 on the reverse but Google isn’t showing any results for this
  4. J_Con19

    Sold Transporter HQ sunstrip

    Brand new transporter HQ sunstrip in black which I haven't got round to fitting on the van £12 posted
  5. T

    Wanted LHD Drivers sun visor

    I cannot stand the airbag print on my passenger sun visor. Obviously they caught on to people just pealing the stickers off. I assume that the LHD drivers version would be exactly the same other than the lack of airbag print? Anyone know if it is a direct swap, and where it may be possible to...
  6. Texxaco

    Sun-visors - extend?!

    Like the Golf visrors they are extendable, only found when working out to trim them.
  7. Trouts

    Wanted Sun visor mount clip/cover

    would anyone have a spare one of these? - i think i may have broken mine? - it's still in place but feels like it'll fall off if i move the visor about too much...
  8. Taggiss

    Retrofitting sun visor with vanity-mirror

    Every time we go out in the van I laugh my socks off when the Mrs pulls down the passenger sunvisor looking for a mirror - I then remind her that builders aren’t too worried about mirrors - and despite our van fully converted it still doesn’t have a mirror in the front. So - can anyone help me...
  9. S

    T6.1 Sun Visor / Vanity Mirror

    Hi All, Our T6.1 has basic sun visors with no mirror / vanity light when flipped down. This has not gone down well with my wife! My options so far seem to be: 1. £130ish from the dealer for a genuine item with a mirror. 2. Buy a stick on mirror which looks pretty rubbish. Has anyone got any...
  10. Irvine101

    Wanted 3D Printed HU screen visor wanted

    On a previous post I asked whether it was possible for a next project if someone would be interested in designing / printing a sun visor for the Infotainment system. I have now found a link to a 3D design for the T6 and wonder if anyone - @Jono perhaps - would be interested in printing one of...
  11. Leigh T6

    Retrofitting sun visor with vanity-mirror light

    Looking for some advice, I have just purchased 2 sun visors with mirror and light for my t6, my van did not have this option fitted and there is no plug and play option as I’ve just checked and no connector there, I have removed the interior light and can see a all brown wire, a black and red...
  12. Jason Williams

    Sun Visor Retrim

    Hi guys, My build is almost complete At least that's what I'm telling myself ;). One thing I think let's the van down is the sun visors as they have the airbag warnings on them and generally look at bit "builders van" I was looking to retrim them. Is there anyone who does this on here...
  13. Base1388

    Sun Visors And Grab Handles - different colours

    Hi all in interested to find out please ! Are there any other color options for grab handles and sun visors and their mounting brackets ?? similar to the T6 door cards many of us change to caravelle or shuttle as they nice dark grey or black I've seen many wonderful black headlining done...