1. True Romance

    Norfolk and Suffolk

    Planning a tour around Norfolk and Suffolk starting next weekend. Never been to either before so after some pointers. Site recommendations, nice towns/villages, good dog friendly beaches or beach side camping? Any do's and don'ts? Thank you.
  2. D

    Hi From Suffolk

    Hi Everyone, joined the forum as we are looking at either building our own van or buying a completed one, had various t4's and t5's but now looking at the t6/6.1. Very tempted with a conversion from SK Campers, anyone on here bought one of their vans. Thanks
  3. S

    Night-Heater fitter Suffolk?

    Looking for recommendations for installers of Diesel external heaters for T6 , in or around Suffolk
  4. Ricardo T

    Alloy wheel 'repair' recommendations - East Anglia.

    As the title suggests...looking for a 'repair' only and not a complete least I dont think so. Any recommendations please, preferably East Anglia. Cheers guys and gals.:thumbsup:
  5. L

    New to the group, wanting to lower

    New to the group looking on Lowering the my 6.1 t32 Combi just looking on just springs maybe 40m so question is which is best vW ones ore aftermarket and how long for a mechanic to swap them over thanks Adrian
  6. T6LadyDriver

    Looking for a T.6 Service Specialist in Norfolk/Suffolk etc

    Hi all, Having REAL problems with the VW Van Centre in Norwich. My van has been in three times since February for various issues (Poor Radio receiption, Flat Batteries, Rear Wiper washer and more) Involved VW Commercial UK and still they (Norwich) want to blame the van's conversion. Does...
  7. goldeneye243

    Anyone in Suffolk with VCDS?

    Just wondering if it is worth spending the money on a VCDS system or not? How much does it actually get used by those who have it? There doesn't appear to be anyone local to me with it to have a look (Newmarket).
  8. mrpadders

    Black Stag Styling - Suffolk

    A recommendation for a fantastic business. Alex and the team at Black Stag Styling are really professional and friendly. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ They are a styling house and body shop. I have used them for paintwork, sound proofing, hydro-dipping, electrics and supply & fit of body styling. They also have some...
  9. Waynet

    Trimmers in Suffolk area

    any recommendations for some interior lighting and carpet lining around Bury st Edmunds please
  10. Ricardo T

    Auto electrician in Suffolk/East Anglia.

    Hi, anyone know of a good auto electrician in Suffolk/East Anglia, who maybe mobile, who would connect up various additions on a conversion. Thanks in advance.
  11. Rosie&Co

    Picnic location ideas within the South East

    We are based in Beds, and want to take the van for a picnic somewhere where you can stay next to van. Any ideas in South East?
  12. Gwyn

    Bury St Edmunds

    Hi After some suggestions, got a job starting in Bury and in Diss beginning of June for 2 or 3 month and need somewhere to stay for 3 lads. We usually stay in Premier Inns ( 1 per room ) but would prefer a house this time, with parking for 2 vans. Have checked AirB&B not much on offer anyone...
  13. S

    Suffolk Coast Campsite Recommendations

  14. MrTesco

    Garage Service Recommendations Suffolk Area

    Looking for recommendations for a garage to look after my business suffolk preferably Ipswich area. I would used the dealer but let's just say the service there has been a little poor from past experience. Much appreciate Charlie
  15. T6 Forum

    VW Whitenoise 09-12 Aug 2018 Euston Park, Thetford, Sufolk

    T6 Forum created a new event: VW Whitenoise 3-6 Aug 2017 Thetford, Sufolk Read more about this event...