spare wheel

  1. timthetinyhorse

    FREE 4 x steel wheels and tyres 16”

    Free to anyone that wants them, set of 16” wheels and tyres with wheel trims. 3 of the tyres are good condition one will need replacing/is flat but might just want some air.
  2. TK-421

    Volkstrek spare wheel carrier fitting help

    Has anyone here fitted the Volkstrek spare wheel carrier to their T6 barn doors? Im looking for some photos of the bracing bracket that goes between the skins of the door, fitted. With very limited instructions supplied on how to fit it I've been having real trouble fitting ours. It seems to me...
  3. S

    For Sale Spare steel wheels 16" x2 £20 each

    Collection Bideford N Devon
  4. K

    spare wheel bracket

    Hello all. I have a factory fitted spare wheel bracket fitted but I think I need a bigger one, I am trying to fit a 235x55x18 tyre/wheel and it`s not happening. I have looked on the forums and I saw someone had made one but I would rather buy one as my diy skills are cr@p. Can anyone point me in...
  5. T6ARF

    For Sale A single 18” Amarok Steel with tyre

    Here we have a genuine, brand new, standard size (7.5J) 18” Amarok steel wheel, with a used Bridgestone Weather Control all season tyre (235/50R18 101V). I did buy this from a fellow forum member last year who had the wheel powder coated in a lovely bright silver. I had the tyre fitted and it...
  6. Lukavell

    FREE Free 16" steel wheels

    Need a refurb but I've had them in the shed taking up space for years. Free to a good home before I let the scrap man have them!
  7. T6ARF

    Found Standard 17” GP Steel wheel with tyre

    Courtesy of Steve @CRS Performance I’m upgrading my front brakes to the T6.1 T32 big brake kit…. therefore my current 16” spare wheel will be of no use to me. So I’m after a 17” spare wheel if anybody has anything to offer? Ideally looking for a standard size GP steel with standard size tyre...
  8. F

    Puncture: Replace or Repair?

    I am off to get a tyre repaired. Another screw in the Cali - second time in this, third time overall (the Subaru got one a month ago); both have fairly heavy duty All Season tyres - ARRGHHH!!!! Done a near forensic sweep of the driveway; nothing there. I suspect it's one of the 474747575749023...
  9. Roblee

    Sold 16in Steel Wheels with tyres. Now free...

    4, 16" VW T6 wheels and tyres. £10 each or £35 for the lot. Pickup Preston Lancashire.
  10. La Dodgy Vita

    Found Wanted 16" steel rim

    Some low life has stolen my 16" steel spare. I see that there are a few going on this forum but all a considerable distance from me. Does anyone have one rim (tyre not important - even bare rim OK) in / around the Gloucestershire / Oxfordshire area? I will be travelling to South Wales on Monday...
  11. J

    For Sale Freshly painted VW 16” steel wheel with brand-new Maxis Worm Drive tyre.

    For Sale -1 x Freshly painted VW 16” steel wheel and Brand new Maxis Worm drive. Just been fished in matt black, 5x120 pattern. Comes with centre cap. Makes a perfect spare wheel for a swamper set up! Grab an absolute bargain! Could arrange postage but it would be stupid expensive. £90...
  12. B@rrow

    Spare Wheel Security Mod - DIY

    After having the spare nicked and then suffering a blown tyre I set to with beefing up spare wheel security, You can never make it perfectly secure to stop the determine toerag but you might as well make it as old as possible. Thanks to @Chris Sherwood for donating me a replacement 1st stage...
  13. B@rrow

    Found Spare 17” wheel any condition

    Some nice people visited my house and nicked my spare so looking for a 17 for my T32 combi, anything tatty or rusty will do !
  14. LondonLad

    Full-size 17” spare wheel…

    Hi All, Anyone used these guys? I emailed and they said the tyre was a Landsail tyre. I want a full size spare but not finding any easy options to buy a single steel wheel and then get a tyre fitted after or just get below as cheapest option...
  15. A

    Spare Wheel Carrier T6 Barn Door

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a sp wheel carrier for a barn door? I’ve changed my wheels to 17” Rhinos with BF GOODRICH tyres. I was considering a fixed mount to the door, so anyones experiences or advice would be appreciated. TIA
  16. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new

    Evening again guys I have 2 sets of as new Hankook 205/65/16c load rated tyres suitable for all the range including t32 . They come with black steels. I know most aren’t that bothered with 16 inch steels. But these are all legal and will maybe do someone a turn through the back end of the year...
  17. R

    Sold As new Bridgestone Duravis 16” steelies

    Hi there I have a set of 4 new Bridgestone duravis 205/65/16c load rated tyres and black steel wheels too these came off a unregistered van on Saturday. I know there not popular with some folk but there brand new. Looking for £160 for them cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area.
  18. Delboy42

    T6.1 Sportline: Jack but no Spare Wheel

    Hi Guys. I have had the sportline 2 days. And love it. A few things to sort like sound proofing carpeting etc. But I am confused as to why I have a 10 kg car jack but no spare wheel.
  19. Jimmi

    Found 4x 16” Steels

    They ain’t pretty but they’re free! I need rid ASAP, Pinner area.
  20. D

    Maximum spare wheel size for T6.1 carrier

    I am looking to put some 255/55/18 BFG AT KO2's on my T6.1 4 Motion when it arrives and was wondering if this size of tyre will fit in the under slung spare wheel well/bracket without modification or spending a lot on a suitable replacement bracket. I need to carry the exact same rolling radius...