spare wheel

  1. R

    For Sale 235/65/16c van continental tyres ( As new ) condition

    Hi I have a set of continental vancontact tyres on Black steel. The tyres are as new condition. The wheels are 6 stud. But the tyres can be removed if required. The tyres are suitable for either transporter or crafter. Looking for £220 cash on collection from Renfrewshire or Bellshill or can...
  2. J

    Spare Wheel size when running 20”

    Hi, I’ve recently picked up a converted t6 van and replaced the standard wheels with 20”. The van didn’t come with a spare. I am looking at picking one up to go in the holder at the rear. Can I go for a standard spare, any recommendations? Will there be an issue that I have 20” alloys on the van...
  3. Stagspares

    For Sale NOW SOLD 17" Steel wheel & tyre £20

    17" Steel wheel & tyre for T5 / T6 Ideal for use as spare. £20 Collect from Portsmouth
  4. kombisnaps

    Sold 17” Design Steel Individuals for spares etc. £40/each | 3 left!

    Okay so not sold as a set and really need to free up some space- so looking to sell individual steels if anyone wants them. Pretty good condition and have continental rubber with minimum of 6mm tread. Some have sidewall damage but nothing super deep. Looking for £45.00 each plus shipping if...
  5. chappers0987

    Sold 17” Spare Wheel

    17” Steel wheel with Brand new unused Continental. Removed from my van due to big brake upgrade. Never used, removed from a March 2022 plate T6.1 Wheel needs a paint job . Collection only from NG17 5mins for JCT 28 of M1. Or I could meet at my work places either In Derby or Newark by...
  6. Jwardy23

    For Sale Garage Clear Out

    Been a long time coming. Need to make some space so I’ve gathered my van bits together to get rid of as I sadly don’t need them anymore. Will end up in the tip in a few weeks if nobody claims them. Collection preferred to save hassle posting, but can do @ buyers expense. I regularly travel from...
  7. P

    Spare wheel cowl

    Hi Guys, Happy new year! I’m trying to identify a piece of trim on the underside of my van which in its previous life has been broken. TPS didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. If you kneel at the rear of the van and look underneath, there’s a plastic trim that comes close to the...
  8. RobertO2023

    For Sale 17” Steel wheel brand new Continental. £75

    17” Steel wheel with Brand new unused Continental. Removed from my van as spare never used. Wheel needs a paint job . Bargain £75.
  9. Pete C

    Sold Set of 4 winter tyres on 16" steel wheels with trims

    This is a set of 4 Nokian WR D4 215/65 R16 102H XL winter tyres on VW OEM steel wheels, with VW trims. I have used them for a couple of winters, probably 10k miles max, and found they make a good difference in colder weather. I didn't get round to fitting them this winter, and as we will be...
  10. P

    Getting spare wheel back in holder

    Is there an easy way to get the spare wheel back in its place? Spent an hour this evening strugggling with it on my drive. Eventually used the jack and a hammer! Would be a nightmare at the side of the road!
  11. Jezmondo71

    Spare wheel + fittings to replace gunk & compressor

    Hiya, Quick question, I have an T6 Edition and these only come with a can of gunk and a compressor, I'm a bit old school and much prefer to know I have a spare wheel available should I need it. To that end I have purchased the spare wheel bracket and bolts kit and now need to get a suitable...
  12. T6 dork

    Wanted 17" steel wheel and tyre for a spare

    its just gonna get wrapped in cling film and stay under the van a legal tyre would be nice and half decent wheel many thanks
  13. gvicker1

    Sold Wheels / Suspension / Bumpers

    1) T6 start line from bumper - in fair condition no major marks 2) T6 start line rear bumper for tailgate - small crack but could be repaired 3) Full T32 used suspension (97k) 4) Set of 4 16” steels with tyres (3mm tread)
  14. gvicker1

    For Sale 16” Steel Wheels and Tyres £40

    Tyre have around 3mm of tread except one which has maybe 5mm. Caps included
  15. M

    Spare wheel smaller than the rest.

    Just upgraded from 16" Claytons to 18" alloys on my T6.1 and wondering whether I need to change my 16" steel spare wheel? Read lots on the forum of issues with bigger wheels fitting and needing to get longer bolts etc and general faffing. In the event of a puncture, will I be ok to fit a 16"...
  16. B

    FREE Spare Wheel

    16 inch spare wheel with Hankook tyre. Was given to me with another set of wheels I bought and now decided I want it out of the garage. Collection just outside southampton (m3 / m27 junction)
  17. A

    Spare wheel holder captive bolt removal

    Had a puncture on Monday, put the spare on without issue on Tuesday and went to get a new tyre. The tyre place put the alloy back on for me and I chucked the spare in the back. When I went to put the spare away, the captive bolt appears to have cross threaded or stripped and now won’t do up...
  18. T6 dork

    Wanted 17" or 18" steel wheel for my spare please

    as above tyre or no tyre thanks
  19. R

    For Sale Single Amarok steel 18

    Hi I have a single Amarok steel for sale in good condition. £60 cash on collection from Renfrewshire.or if you want to arrange a courier then that’s ok too.
  20. T6ChrisO

    For Sale 16" Steel wheels + tyres £20 each

    Happy to sell these as a set or singular. removed from a T32 ex AA van Tyres have good tread, 2 better than the other 2. A mixture of brands unfortunately, hence maybe the individual sale may be better. One quite rusty which I suspect was once the spare under the van. Maybe handy for a winter...