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  1. T

    For Sale 16" steel wheels and tyres. £100

    As per title I have a set of 16" steel wheels and tyres for sale. 3 of the 4 tyres are good condition, the 4th is looking a bit perished. Michelin Agilis size 205/65/16. Be good for a winter set. Have centre caps and bolts if needed. Looking for £100, collection from West Yorkshire, close to...
  2. Jezmondo71

    Spare Wheel Query for 2018 T6 SWB T30

    Hiya, Quick question, I have an T6 Edition and these only come with a can of gunk and a compressor, I'm a bit old school and much prefer to know I have a spare wheel available should I need it. To that end I have purchased the spare wheel bracket and bolts kit and now need to get a suitable...
  3. D

    Genuine VW T32 16” steel wheels?

    I bought some genuine VW 16” wheels and tyres (brand new with delivery miles only) for my 2016 T32 LWB T6 as a cheaper alternative to four new tyres and to give me the opportunity to get my aftermarket alloys refurbished. The wheels came off a new van, not sure what. They don’t fit. The front...
  4. K

    Sparesafe - quick question!

    Just took delivery of and fitted a sparesafe today to the van. Just a quick one for people who have it on how tight we want the bolts to be / how they found it when finishing bolt - I can't seem to get the bolt to nip up without the sparesafe spinning round a bit - not sure if that's just how...
  5. GaryB1980

    Found Devonports with good tyres

    Hi Im looking for a set of factory 16” Devonport wheels and tyres and am open to what’s available. The 20s my conversion came with are too bone shaking for a daily driver! Thanks in advance. Gary
  6. Ragster13

    For Sale 17” Spare Steel Wheel + Tyre

    I have some 17” steels in silver with decent tyres. £70 per wheel, PM me if interested, located in Leicestershire
  7. J

    Found T6.1 T32 4Motion 17” Spare Wheel

    Hi, my spare wheel has been stolen! Anyone got one they don't want/ or to sell I'm in Wigan. Gutted going to France in it tmrw for our summer holidays! Any advice on how or what to get will help. Cheers J
  8. vincethomas

    For Sale 3 x Single T32 Steel wheel with 215/60/17 tyre

    I have 3 x 17 inch steel wheels with 215/60/17 Commercial tyres. Perfect for spare wheel if you have bigger brakes or if your spare disappeared overnight like mine :) All tyres around 3-4mm thread remaining. Collection preferred but can post with parcelforce. £70 each plus delivery
  9. T

    Spare wheel stolen in Oxfordshire

    Had my spare stolen last week from my t32 transporter, local to Oxford if anyone might have one, know someone that has one for sale with or without tyre ........ thanks in advance if anyone can help on this
  10. Pedro20001

    Wanted 17" GP steel with tyre (one) wanted

    Hi all, I'm after one GP 17" steel wheel with tyre for a spare as I've upgraded to 340mm front brakes. Has anyone got one for sale please? I'm in Derbyshire , Nottinghamshire area. Thanks in advance
  11. bjayben

    Spare wheel - stolen and now missing rubber bush

    Hi all, my spare was stolen and I finally got around to buying a spare 17 inch GP style Steel. The original one was 16 inch. After some kerfuffle trying to get the bracket fully closed and screwed up with this new slightly bigger wheel I realised that in most pics on the internet people have...
  12. T

    For Sale 17” Design spare wheel £20

    For sale, 17 inch steel wheel with tyre (spare) good condition spare wheel, with Bridgestone tyre 235/55/r17 103v ,tyre not great could do with changing but been sat in the shed over a year and no loss of pressure £30 collection Wetherby area
  13. T

    Sold Steel wheels and tyres x4

    For sale 4x steel wheels and tyres, 205/65/r16 107/105t hankook vantra lt. These were taken off my brand new 22 plate transporter at less than 500 miles, and have just been taking up room in the garage ever since. £150 to get rid, I have the as new wheel trims also . Collection only Wetherby or...
  14. Texxaco

    FREE Spare wheel 205/65/16

    I have a spare wheel, original, taken off as it’s no use to me. If you collect or pay the shipping you can have it.
  15. G

    Colour code for factory steels?

    Hello....just wondering whether there is a colour code for the OEM factory steel wheels? standard pepper pots.
  16. BGarland

    17inch steel wheels

    Looking at selling my steels mint condition (not including tyres) just want to change up for navis gelida AT, open to offers! Can be delivered if not far from Bristol or collection.
  17. R

    Oversized tyres vs spare wheel (thoughts)

    Hi, I have General Grabbers AT3 235/55 18 on alloys (8,5 x 18 et45) , with some spacers on. This means that my alloy wheels have other bolts than my 16 inch spare. In short I need to have an extra wrench 17mm and 19mm to undo the alloys and replace with steel wheel. (and always have 5 steel...
  18. R

    For Sale Spare 17 inch wheel and tyre

    Hi I have 6 17 inch wheels and tyres. Their good useable condition. S as mixed bag of tyres 2 x conti and 4 x Semita event suv tyres all roughly 7 mm. Looking for £30 each cash on collection from either Renfrewshire or Bellshill area.
  19. D

    Wanted 17” Spare Wheel

    Does anyone have a spare wheel they want to sell ? Condition etc not too important and long as it's round and has a bit of tread left for emergencies... We are in North Yorkshire (not too far from Leeds/Bradford area). Size is 235/55R17. (My spare wheel was stolen in Manchester / Dutton Street...
  20. S

    18" steel spare,where to purchase?

    I currently have 18" alloys with 235/55/18's and like many others on here require a spare that matches the radius. I would ideally like a 18" steel spare but just can't find a single one on ebay, or could I stick with the 17" and change the tyre on it to match my rolling radius. So........ any...