spare wheel

  1. Ragster13

    For Sale Brand new steel 16" wheels for sale £180

    Brand new steel wheels, continental 16", still have lines on them, removed from a new T6.1 but will fit all transporters except the T32 version with large brake discs. Collection from Leicester or Nottingham depending on the time, I also have alloys. Happy to sell as singles but at £50 per...
  2. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new

    Evening again guys I have 2 sets of as new Hankook 205/65/16c load rated tyres suitable for all the range including t32 . They come with black steels. I know most aren’t that bothered with 16 inch steels. But these are all legal and will maybe do someone a turn through the back end of the year...
  3. R

    Sold As new Bridgestone Duravis 16” steelies

    Hi there I have a set of 4 new Bridgestone duravis 205/65/16c load rated tyres and black steel wheels too these came off a unregistered van on Saturday. I know there not popular with some folk but there brand new. Looking for £160 for them cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area.
  4. Delboy42

    T6.1 Sportline: Jack but no Spare Wheel

    Hi Guys. I have had the sportline 2 days. And love it. A few things to sort like sound proofing carpeting etc. But I am confused as to why I have a 10 kg car jack but no spare wheel.
  5. Jimmi

    Found 4x 16” Steels

    They ain’t pretty but they’re free! I need rid ASAP, Pinner area.
  6. D

    Maximum spare wheel size for T6.1 carrier

    I am looking to put some 255/55/18 BFG AT KO2's on my T6.1 4 Motion when it arrives and was wondering if this size of tyre will fit in the under slung spare wheel well/bracket without modification or spending a lot on a suitable replacement bracket. I need to carry the exact same rolling radius...
  7. Jimmi

    For Sale 4 x 16” steel wheels from a T5

    A little tatty but with 4 legal tyres, ideal for refurb/swamper/winter beaters £50 collection only
  8. Sackmycook

    For Sale 16” steels with new tyres - black. £80.

    Immaculate set of 16"Claytons, 5mm on 2, 3mm on 2.....Hankook RA28E tyres. £160. Also, oem steel wheels 16" with as new tyres, less than 200 miles, again Hankook RA28E, with 4x trendline silver hub trims. £80. Reasonable offers welcome, York area....May be able to deliver or meet halfway.
  9. C

    Spare wheel needed for Caravelle

    I have a Caravelle, 2018 204, it’s got 18” alloys with 255 55 18’s I think ? They’re coming off and I’m putting some MOMO Evolve 18’s on with GG ATs The van didn’t come with a spare I got some snot and a pump, I need a spare so I bought the bracket, pin and bolts and these are all fitted. I...
  10. J

    Spare Wheel carrier 235/65/17

    Will a Desert Dueller 235 / 65 / 17 fit in the wheel carrier? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. B

    Twin exhaust on a 4motion

    Hi all I currently have a 4motion caravelle that needs an exhaust. I've got a ABT rear skirt to put on so to kill 2 birds with one stone I thought I'll fit a twin exhaust at the same time. Has anyone done this without removing the spare wheel as the diff is in the way where it would normally go...
  12. J

    Sold Spare wheel and tyre (pick up only)

    Spare wheel with continental 215/60R17 from my 68 van can't use it: 4 motion, installed different brand of tyres + spare wheel holder is now gas tank holder need to make space in the garage not new new: a few miles on it as I lent it to my neighbour to drive across Nailsea to a garage make...
  13. ma77y

    Found Michilin Agilis Crossclimate

    I'm after 2 Michilin Agilis Crossclimate 205 65 16c 107/105T Happy for part worns as its just to tide me over till I change wheels. Cheers
  14. Lewislovesbread

    For Sale Wheels for sale - standard steel

    Hi Guys, 4x steel wheels 16" standard issue. all with good tread. Open to offers. Collection only please. cheers, lewis
  15. N

    For Sale 16” spare £40

    215/65/16 tyre and original 16” spare rim. never used spent it’s life under the van. selling as upgraded callipers so doesn’t fit if it’s ever needed Doh! £40 prefer collection but can ship for £8 extra
  16. Tsixer

    215/70/16 As a Spare?

    Hi all, i'm thinking of 215/70/16 as a spare, will it fit under the rear on the holder?
  17. shaiboyuk

    Wanted 215 60 17 Spare wheel

    Looking for a 215 60 17 spare wheel for my T6. Needs to be this size as the holder has spacers for this size.
  18. Bynxy

    swamper over sized wheel carrier

    How do you carrier your over sized spare wheel I am looking for a rear carrier like like the HESS Automobile carrier system but I can't get hold of the bike rack as a starting point HESS Wheel carrier system I was looking at the over sized under wheel carrier but want to fit LPG tank in its...
  19. Mick

    Spare-wheel Locking-nut key missing

    Bloody nightmare. Tow bar fitter coming within the hour. Discover that the locking wheel nut key for the spare wheel is missing. Living in hope he's done this before and can complete it! I'll be having words with he people who fit my winter tyres. they're the only people who have ever touched...
  20. Littleblackflash

    Wheel bolts and Spare Wheel

    I've been so lucky I haven't had a flat tyre or I would of been stranded. My van came with 20" Wheels and a 16" spare which isn't ideal but I hoped it would get me home. I've recently fitted new brakes to the front of my van so I needed to swap my spare for a 17" steel to clear the calipers...