spare wheel

  1. S

    Wanted 215 60 17 Spare wheel

    Looking for a 215 60 17 spare wheel for my T6. Needs to be this size as the holder has spacers for this size.
  2. Bynxy

    swamper over sized wheel carrier

    How do you carrier your over sized spare wheel I am looking for a rear carrier like like the HESS Automobile carrier system but I can't get hold of the bike rack as a starting point HESS Wheel carrier system I was looking at the over sized under wheel carrier but want to fit LPG tank in its...
  3. Littleblackflash

    Wheel bolts and Spare Wheel

    I've been so lucky I haven't had a flat tyre or I would of been stranded. My van came with 20" Wheels and a 16" spare which isn't ideal but I hoped it would get me home. I've recently fitted new brakes to the front of my van so I needed to swap my spare for a 17" steel to clear the calipers...
  4. N

    Will the Spare-wheel carrier accept 215/60/17 or 220/55/17

    Folks, I have a 2018 t6 highline originally factory built on 16” rims. I have upgraded the wheels to 20” and also the front discs and callipers to 340mm.I’ve been told the 16” spare will not fit now. question does anyone know if the spare wheel carrier will accept a 17” rim shod with with a...
  5. R

    For Sale Spare 16” wheels and tyres

    Hi morning guys I have a stack of used Hankook , continental, and other brands .that have been taken off vans that come in for to get changed over to either 18 or 20 inch fancier wheels or alloys. They all are in decent condition and are load rated. Upto and including the t32. So if anybody is...
  6. S

    Wanted Spare Wheel Swap anyone???

    I've got a converted shuttle with a rib seat bolted through the clearcut conversion underside strengthening plate. Because of this plate my 17" steel wheel with a 215 width spare doesn't fit (this is a known problem even on the lowest bracket setting). Anyone out there nearish to Swindon want to...
  7. LakesT6

    Sold Single 18” Amarok steel

    Single 18” Amarok steel, powder coated silver. Collection from West Cumbria. £70
  8. Mkgolfnutters

    16” Spare wheel for 20” wheels?

    Hi just a quick question does anyone know how bigger spare wheel we can fit in the spare wheel compartment. We run 20 inch wheels and are touring Scotland and our 16 inch spare wheel I don’t think will be suitable. I may be wrong but any help would be gratefu.
  9. I don't

    Fitting spare wheel carrier to kombi

    Sorry if I've missed the answer somewhere else but.. I've just picked up my t6 kombi and need to fit the spare wheel carrier on the underside. I've sourced the frame and a locking nut but can't find a part no. for the hinge pin? or if there are any aftermarket alternatives which could be more...
  10. C

    For Sale Standard T6 Wheels for Sale Off 2016 Model with Plastic VW Caps

    Located in Birmingham B28 area. Tyres are not up to much Bog standard VW Black plastic inserts
  11. J

    Do people split wheels? Looking for a single Clayton spare

    Hey so my van has no spare wheel didn't notice myself but friend noticed in 10 seconds! Which says a lot about me .So I live in east devon has anyone got a Clayton for sale.dont mind traveling a bit cheers Jonner.
  12. t6blo

    Sold VW Transporter T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 16” Steel Wheels Rim Swamper 6.5J ET51 7H0601027D

    VW Volkswagen Transporter T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Genuine VW 16” Steel Wheels / Rims x4 Perfect for your Swamper with BF Goodrich tyres (not supplied) 16” 5x120 6.5J ET51 7H0 601 027 D. Condition is "Used" and could do with a refurb and perhaps sprayed black - they are straight, not buckled...
  13. B@rrow

    For Sale 17 inch VW Steel Wheels

    17 Inch Steels off T6 Kombi. Includes wheel caps. Offers around £200 please. Tyres legal but will need replacing soon. Collection Bidford on Avon Warwickshire. cheers Andy
  14. Savgav1

    Internal spare wheel carrier

    Hi. At a later date I want to fit full ABT kit on my t6 and as you loose spare wheel under van for the exhausts. Dont really wanna loose wheel altogether and as in process of sound deadening and insulation, now prob be best time to work this my question is....Has anyone ever fitted...
  15. S

    Sold 16" Trendline steel wheels with hub caps

    Trendline steelies with hankook tyres. Between 4 and 5mm tread across all 4. £25 for all 4, collection from Swindon or I'll deliver reasonably locally/meet half way. Cheers
  16. Superowls

    Found 17" Spare wheel

    Woke up this morning to find that some shithouse has stolen my spare wheel from under the van Needless to say that I'm not impressed.....the dog is still hiding under the table :mad::mad::mad::mad: Does anyone in the Sheffield area have one that they want to sell?
  17. osman

    For Sale Unused spare 16”

    Ok so this was the spare that was sold with my van it’s smaller than it should be so I’ve purchased the correct size and this is taking up room in the garage . It’s never been used and still has the bar code sticker 205/65 R 16 continental tire never been used . Not sure what it’s worth .
  18. phil_n

    FREE 255 45 18 Autogrip Tyre

    255/45/18 103 tyre about 2.5-3mm on it Collection from Bury, Manchester
  19. bilko

    Broken spare-wheel carrier-bolt.

    Hi all. I have a snapped spare wheel carrier bolt and would like to get the broken bit out. Plenty of wd40 and wire wool wouldn’t get it out more than an inch, so a 4ft persuading Pole was needed, hence the broken bolt. It was that or sit next to 40ft lorry s trundling past for hours. I presume...
  20. S

    Spare wheel + carrier for Caravelle

    Hi all, our Caravelle came without a spare wheel (which I think is normal). We have a long trip coming up and I’m weary about just travelling with the pot of gunk in case of a flat as it doesn’t help if you get a big blow out. So I was going to pick up a full sized spare but does anybody know...