spare wheel

  1. phil_n

    FREE 255 45 18 Autogrip Tyre

    255/45/18 103 tyre about 2.5-3mm on it Collection from Bury, Manchester
  2. bilko

    Broken spare-wheel carrier-bolt.

    Hi all. I have a snapped spare wheel carrier bolt and would like to get the broken bit out. Plenty of wd40 and wire wool wouldn’t get it out more than an inch, so a 4ft persuading Pole was needed, hence the broken bolt. It was that or sit next to 40ft lorry s trundling past for hours. I presume...
  3. S

    Spare wheel + carrier for Caravelle

    Hi all, our Caravelle came without a spare wheel (which I think is normal). We have a long trip coming up and I’m weary about just travelling with the pot of gunk in case of a flat as it doesn’t help if you get a big blow out. So I was going to pick up a full sized spare but does anybody know...
  4. R

    For Sale Vancontact 200 205/55/16 as new

    HI there gang i have a brand new 205-55-16c contact tyre and steel wheel .no longer require as i have moved on to 18s. looking for 35.00 pounds from anyone on the forum. can meet up if any you guys are in the glasgow area. thanks for looking.
  5. T

    For Sale x1 Devonport + nokian winter tyre £100

    1x alloy + tyre nokian wrc 215/60/17 load rating 103 - 6/7mm tread alloy no kerbing 2 small marks on face
  6. Wafu

    Steel wheel to save my spare alloy.

    Hi, I’ve always had just a plain steel wheel as my spare, but with my new T6 Caravelle I have the same 19” alloy as the road wheels. I don’t want it rotting away underneath the van so how easy is it to pick up a 19” steel as my spare. Flee bay seems to only have 16“ and 17” steels. Or, does...
  7. osman

    For Sale Spare wheel for sale 205/65/16

    Don’t need this one as it’s the wrong size Never used, brand new tyre .
  8. Apretext

    Sportline Wheel too big for spare wheel carrier?

    Our converter has a Sportline 18" wheel which we were going to have as a spare, but he's just gone to fit it into the new spare wheel carrier, and he says it's too big. Is there any way to make it fit, or alternatively, is there another wheel that will fit in the spare wheel carrier, that will...
  9. T

    Found 17" Spare Wheel

    Having fallen victim to spare wheel theft I am looking for a replacement. Looking for a 17" wheel with legal tyre load rated for a T32. Steel, alloy, rusty, scratched anything considered as its only a spare. Cheaper the better, cant afford to keep supplying scum with new wheels and tyres. I'm...
  10. R

    For Sale Spare 16“ steel wheel + tyre.

    Hi there guy's I have for sale 1 unused 16 inch steel wheel + unused continental van tyre load rated for t32. Size is 205/65/16 and c rated. Looking for £35 collection from either Bellshill or Renfrewshire area.
  11. R

    For Sale unused continental tyre and steel wheel 16”

    Hi I have for sale 1 unused 205/65/16 continental van contact tyre and 16 inch steel wheel. Never fitted been although some slag did try and borrow it without permission let's say. Let's say he now knows what a naked 16 stone man looks like with a large hammer at 2.35 am in the morning so I...
  12. JasonW

    Spare wheel question

    I currently have 255/45/19 tyres fitted - Load rated 104 - for T32 My spare is the wrong size and i need to change it to 215/65/17 to get the closest rolling radius. Does anyone know if this size will fit in the existing spare wheel space without any modification..? Also does the spare wheel...
  13. J

    Space saver spare wheel options - Highline 4motion

    Hi - I'm trying to work out whether there is a space-saver spare wheel option for a T6. Van is a Highline T32 Kombi 4Motion. Wheels are 17 inch Devonports. Am converting the van and will lose the spare wheel space to a water tank. I have had a read of the existing threads but not found a...
  14. osman

    Rattling Spare Wheel

    Having almost gone out of my brains trying to find an awful squeak rattle type noise from hell in the back of my t6, ripping off panels, almost removing the floor, I've finally found my spare wheel was loose ! I’ve packed it with some rubber material and done it up tight as I can, but there...
  15. O

    Edition Spare Wheel

    I have a 2019 Edition which does not come with a spare wheel, Is it possible to get a carrier etc to hold one. How much and where from? Thanks
  16. R

    For Sale Vw 16 Inch Transporter Spare Wheel And Tyres

    Hi there guys I have used 16 inch steel wheels they came off a t32 so load rated. The tyres are legal and would be OK to use but with so much spares getting stolen. These would be good enough the tyres have about 3 - 4!mm. Three are continental and 1 landsail all holding air. And are 205/65/16c...
  17. Littleblackflash

    Options For Spare Wheel

    My van came with 20" Calibre wheels with 275.40.20 tyres which are fine. I enquired about buying another one because the spare is still an old 16" steel wheel but the cost was nearly £400 !!, A complete set new was ony £800. Would a 19" steel space saver from a Range Rover be a good option?
  18. Dellmassive

    Cracking 12v Tyre Inflator Pump - Costco -

    Cracking 12v Tyre Inflator Pump from - Costco - i picked up one of these little pumps at Costco the other day . . . . . . gota say - very impressed and defo recommended looks like you can get then on Amazon too if you dont have a Costco card =-] Amazon - I have the...
  19. JasonW

    4motion Spare Wheel Question

    I have a T32 4Motion and have replaced the standard 17" devonports 215/60/17 with 19" Amaroks 255/45/19 This set up seems fairly common on here... and so I wondered if people change there spare wheel set up..? I'm not sure whether a 19" steel wheel would fit under there.... any advice...
  20. D

    Spare Wheel Lock Nut Shroud

    Happy new year everyone, just to make sure it is, can anyone suggest the best locking nut shroud thingy me jig,! to keep my spare wheel safe. I saw Gary makes them and sells them on the forum shop, but seems to have been shut down! whats the best set up please