spare wheel

  1. G

    Sold 16” steel wheels with tyres

    16 » steels from a 2017 Startline (with covers) tyre depths 6, 6.2, 5, 3.6 mm. 205/65 R16. was going to keep them and use the tyres but the mileage the van does that’ll be over 3 years hence. Collect from Beverley, East Yorkshire
  2. E

    Wanted 17” GP steels T32 - Liverpool

    Hi- I am looking for a set of 17" wheels for a T32, I'm in Liverpool. Ideally with winter tyres- but this is not essential. But I'm looking for wheels in very good condition. Many thanks. Ed
  3. D

    For Sale x4 Hankook 205/65/R16C on steels

    Set of 4 nearly new steel wheels, Hankook 205/65/R16C tyres and hub caps, all vgc £200 buyer to collect
  4. timthetinyhorse

    FREE Standard black 16” steel wheels

    I have 4 steels wheels, 3 with good tread mega budget van tyres on and one is flat/has a buckle. There are free to anyone who wants to come and get them (take all 4 as i just need the space) Thanks
  5. T6ChrisO

    Sold Unused 16” spare. £50.

    Never used, removed as I have BFG all terrain set up. Collection from Manchester, Stalybridge £50
  6. Pewt

    Big brakes and spare wheel size

    Keep looking at big brakes.........anyone that has them just wondered what spare wheel do you carry that now fits ?
  7. ma77y

    FREE 16" spare wheel

    Came off my van, unfortunately I can no longer use it due to the m1 beam on the chassis. Free to anyone who can collect from M41, if I get no interest it will go to the tip.
  8. VioletVW

    Sold 17" steel wheel. £40 delivered.

    4 17" steel wheels for sale and One wheel left... £40 delivered. I'm in Neath, South Wales. Not really sure how much they are worth so I'll start with £50?
  9. TK-421

    Remove offside barn door but leave the hinge

    Does anyone have any experience of removing the offside barn door without removing the hinge? I found this guide which has been a great insight but the door is removed at the hinge. I have a wheel carrier which I need to attach to the hinges, this has proven problematic so far so I think...
  10. W

    Ditch the spare?

    It's occurred to me that since fitting staggered 20s I may not be able to use my spare!? If a front tyre blows, the spare will be a different size than the other front and the diff will get hammered. But, I can't move a rear wheel to the front and stick the spare on the back because they are...
  11. Cooper

    235/65/17 tyres but 215/60/17 spares a problem?

    We are off to…… I don’t actually know…. Somewhere in Europe… next weekend. My T6 4motion normally wears 235/65/17 General Grabber AT3 because they look cool and the council owned country parks round here have some pretty extreme terrain . But the spare is a 215/60/17. If I got a puncher and put...
  12. Jon

    Found Temporary 17" Steel or Alloy wheels in the Northamptonshire area please?

    I was wondering if anyone a set of wheels I can buy to run for a few weeks within a reasonable distance to Northamptonshire please. Need to be legal, rated for a T32 with the factory big brakes, also priced sensibly as I will be looking to get as much of my money back a few weeks later if...
  13. S

    T6.1 Spare wheel, on all hell breaks loose with electrics.

    Hi, To cut a long story short I got a puncture in my N/S front Leighton LV1 20" wheel. (T6.1 Transporter Feb 2021) I took it off to get in fixed and put on the spare, the spare is a standard 16" steel and with the van lowered on B14's it did sit a bit low on that corner. I put the punctured...
  14. timthetinyhorse

    FREE 4 x steel wheels and tyres 16”

    Free to anyone that wants them, set of 16” wheels and tyres with wheel trims. 3 of the tyres are good condition one will need replacing/is flat but might just want some air.
  15. TK-421

    Volkstrek spare wheel carrier fitting help

    Has anyone here fitted the Volkstrek spare wheel carrier to their T6 barn doors? Im looking for some photos of the bracing bracket that goes between the skins of the door, fitted. With very limited instructions supplied on how to fit it I've been having real trouble fitting ours. It seems to me...
  16. S

    Sold Spare steel wheels 16" x2 £20 each

    Collection Bideford N Devon
  17. K

    spare wheel bracket

    Hello all. I have a factory fitted spare wheel bracket fitted but I think I need a bigger one, I am trying to fit a 235x55x18 tyre/wheel and it`s not happening. I have looked on the forums and I saw someone had made one but I would rather buy one as my diy skills are cr@p. Can anyone point me in...
  18. T6ARF

    For Sale A single 18” Amarok Steel with tyre

    Here we have a genuine, brand new, standard size (7.5J) 18” Amarok steel wheel, with a used Bridgestone Weather Control all season tyre (235/50R18 101V). I did buy this from a fellow forum member last year who had the wheel powder coated in a lovely bright silver. I had the tyre fitted and it...
  19. Lukavell

    FREE Free 16" steel wheels

    Need a refurb but I've had them in the shed taking up space for years. Free to a good home before I let the scrap man have them!
  20. T6ARF

    Found Standard 17” GP Steel wheel with tyre

    Courtesy of Steve @CRS Performance I’m upgrading my front brakes to the T6.1 T32 big brake kit…. therefore my current 16” spare wheel will be of no use to me. So I’m after a 17” spare wheel if anybody has anything to offer? Ideally looking for a standard size GP steel with standard size tyre...