side door

  1. lebb2017

    Side door stuck open

    I have searched and searched but can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem... the side door has managed to get stuck open. So its wide open, and when i try to pull it back to close it, it seems to be catching somewhere. It moves about 1cm. Has anyone had this issue before, and...
  2. Pethew

    Side Door Stiff

    just gone to open side door on the van ( T6 2016) and it’s really stiff to open can it be lubricated ? Vans only got 18k on it ...
  3. Pauly

    Power Latching Retrofit Kits

    Following a couple weeks of trying out and testing we are now ready to release the retrofit power latching kits for tailgates and sliding side doors. The kits are supplied with a custom wiring loom and all required parts to complete the job, the install is relatively straight forward and can...