1. B

    Taking seats apart ...?

    So my captains’ seats stink, and a wet scrub and vacuum isn’t shifting the smell. To what extent can these be taken apart?
  2. Duggers83

    For Sale Shuttle seats for sale

    Hi, I have six seats that I would like to sell. They’re made up of one rear three seat bench and three individual seats which form the middle row of a 2017 Caravelle. The seats are in great condition and work perfectly. Any questions just ask. Open to offers. cheers Ben
  3. phoenixfc7

    Sold 3 seat rear Kombi bench and brackets and belts £599 ono

    VW VolkswagenT6 T5 Transporter Rear Simora Triple Isofix Quick Release includes seat Belts and fixings, floor brackets and bolts. convert your van to a kombi in one package! Condition used good/fair some marks on seat, slight (less than an inch) tear in back of one headrest. A few marks on back...
  4. 1460aaron

    Sold Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats.

    Hi guys I am currently in the process of converting my Kombi to camper, so these seats are surplus to requirement! £800 - Location - Derby Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats. Including; Pillar - B-Post Seatbelts Floor Seat Brackets Rear Kombi mat (Twin slider) Lashing Points...
  5. P

    2016 t6 9 seat shuttle

    Hi how do I turn middle row the 3 independent seats to face the rear bench ? The floor lugs don’t seem to accept the seats in this position, do I have to turn the floor lugs around as well ?
  6. Bobbych

    T6.1 Info

    I have had my T6.1 HL 150 DSG PV for a week now and love it. I have 2 Factory single swivel seats up front Here is a few pics of the space and wiring below each seat. and a pic of the Dash fuse panel If anyone wants and pics of any part of the 6.1 or info from the manual just ask.
  7. Yzfr1

    Seat Cleaning

    Has anyone removed the original seat material and washed them? I'd like to do this but is there anything I need to know that could ruin them. If it's a simple case of just washing them then what temp in washing machine and should they be dried natural or can they be tumble dried. Cheers in advance.
  8. A

    Help With Ford Galaxy Seat Air Bag Cover

    Hi all, I recently got some Ford Galaxy front swivel seats. The plan is to remove the existing covers, wash and dye them and then put them back on. I have the seat base stripped and now I'm trying to get the plastic air bag cover/trim off the side of the seat back....but I'm struggling. I can...
  9. P

    Recaro Wingbacks

    hi could somebody help iv bought a pair of recaro wingbacks for my t6 but I'm trying to find someone who knows the best way to fit them without it looking pants and want a top job. I know it's been done but I'd love some more info about it.
  10. M

    T6 Drivers Seat In T5, Will It Fit?

    Hi, I’m new to the forum, I searched to see if this had already been discussed but couldn’t see anything. I have a T5, 58 plate, I have changed the double cab seat to a T6 Simora seat, it fitted directly on the original bolts, will a T6 Simora drivers seat fit on the base of a T5? Thank you Mike
  11. TheHungryGhost

    Shuttle Seats Help!

    Hi, I've got a shuttle, and I can no longer get the seats to tilt or come out, one was like this when I got it, and the other has just stopped working. I've had a go, but I cant see how to get the seats out. I can get to the end of the cable that moves when you pull the seat tilt lever (to...
  12. Skyliner33

    Anyone Used This Company For Seats?

    I quite like these seats, anyone used this company? VW Transporter - Transcal
  13. bullracing

    Seat Airbag Wiring - Soldering Looms - Resistance

    I have installed a set of T5 captains in my T6. The seats have side airbags but the connectors were different. I have the connectors from both a T5 and T6 with cables on. Can I make a loom for the airbags by soldering the cables together or will this change the resistance of the wire and make...
  14. bullracing

    Sold Caravelle Leather Rear Seats & Bed £1800

    As I am going for a full camper, I am hoping to fund a pop top with the sale of this and the full rear shuttle conversion (seperate ad) unless there is a pop top installer wanting to do a deal ;-) You get 2x 2nd row captains swivel folding chairs with storage. 1x rear 3 seater bench which turns...
  15. Toonfan66

    Caravelle Captain's Seats

    I have looked but can't find definitive answer. Can you get front seats in a Caravelle to rotate and face backwards as per California seats (obviously with 2nd row seats removed) either as factory order or retro fit? With DVLA uncertainty about conversions and consequent speed restrictions...
  16. bullracing

    Rear Seat Tether Trims Missing - Pn Request Please

    By anychance could someone tell me the part number and where I could buy some of the pic below please? New van has these missing. Top tether does not really help in my searching. They are located in the rear of the individual 3 seats in the 2nd row of a shuttle.
  17. Ozbar jim

    Wife Not Pleased..

    Hey Everyone..i need some help. Just came back from a west coast road trip to Kintyre. Great drive and gotta go! My wife commented that the seats..coupled with the lowered suspension made the ride a tad harsh. I call it it got me wondering if anyone has altered...
  18. JaySal

    Leather Seats Gallery

    These arrived today.... anyone suggest best way to fit on swivel bases?
  19. jzd7tcm

    Electric Lumbar

    Hi All Recently the electric lumbar adjustment has stopped working on my 2016 highline kombi. I have checked fuses generally including the lower dash fuse box and under passenger seat but no joy so far. Anyone have any ideas? PS... Seat heaters are still working. Thanks in Advance Tim