rusty lee bed

  1. M


    Hi dudes! If you are looking at a Rock and Roll bed, you need to get your skates on. This summer, UK lead times for manufacture of camper beds is estimated to exceed 10-12 weeks because of demand. Maybe more. If you order late, you wont be seeing your bed until the winter At the moment, we are...
  2. Ishawy

    Rusty Lee single swivel base with leisure battery

    Has any body fitted a drivers side Rusty Lee swivel base with a leisure battery installed? My battery is a snug fit and there’s also my b2b split charger there too. Is there a riser bracket you need to buy or can the seat base be raised or is it designed to fit over a leisure battery. Won’t be...
  3. M

    For Sale Original Rusty Lee Beds

    Hi Guys Were currently offering nice discounts on Rusty Lees Rock and roll beds. Savings across the board. drop in and have a look.
  4. Buggirl

    Dilly Dub Almost Finished!

    so I have got my Rusty Lee Rock N Roll bed fitted Nearly finished!
  5. Dory

    Dory The Grand Tourer

    Hi I’m Craig and this is Dory The Grand Tourer