rolls royce

  1. LpeppsT6

    Sold Rolls Royce 20s

    Rolla’s 5 x 120 8.5 front 9 rears et41 225/35/20 front. Need new tyres soon. 235/35/20 rears good tread. Fully colour coded with matching floating centres. Immaculate £2,000 Only selling as van now sold See my other set of 20’s for sale
  2. Jayjmac

    Sold Rolls Royce Ghost/Wraith/Dawn alloys

    VW transporter T6 T5 Rolls Royce alloys staggered 20s 8.5 et25 and 9.5 et33 (double check the offset) 5x120. Shadow/chrome with floating Rolls Royce centres, spigot rings and tyres. if your looking for any kind of load rating may as well bin these tyres. Fronts 225/35 20 5mm Rear 245/35 20 6mm...

    When You’ve Just Bought B14s And Transporterhq...

    when you’ve just bought b14s and skinted yourself once again, and transporter hq go and post for sale signs everywhere.... (The wheels are for sale that is)
  4. Anthony lamprell

    Rolls royce wheels: tyre advice please

    I have bought a set of 20" rolls royce staggered wheels for my t6 caravelle. They are 8.5" wide at the front and 9.5" at the rear. My plan was to fit 275 35 20 all around, however the garage has recomended that I fit a smaller size tyre on the front because they are bulging. So my question is...