rolling radius

  1. dave_b

    17” swamper setup with correct rolling radius?

    Is it possible to go swamper on 17’s and retain the correct rolling radius? I have 18” sportlines and considering the change to either swamper look or going 20”. I would like to keep the speedo and gearing as near as possible to standard. (102 remapped to 150 with 5sp manual box) Cheers
  2. Pau1GTI

    17” Mud Terrains - Thinking Of Stepping Down.

    Hi Guys Look wise I love my 245/65/17 Holeshots and KO2s. You do however notice the van is working harder with them. Mine is a 150 dsg 2wd and it feels like it labour's a fair bit more with these tyres. Especially since it's a full camper. Don't get me wrong it's not bad but being mechanically...
  3. P

    18 Or 19?

    As quite many are using 20" wheels, which by the way do look rather nice, but it is not suitable for all users. So please be kind and show your 18's and 19's to help make up my mind and hopefully gather good visual database for other users as well :)
  4. Glenn Board

    Speedo Adjustment For Bigger Tyres

    Hi, I was going to have the Seikel raised suspension kit fitted to my van which includes 235/65R17 108H tyres being fitted to my standard wheels, they tell me that if they do s speedo adjustment to match these tyres that there is a possibility that the cruise control will stop functioning...
  5. F

    DSG and rolling radius changes

    Got standard 17" Devonport alloys and 150 bhp dsg box. I want to go for 18" probably sportlines as part of dropping it few mm too. Does the change in wheel size or tge rotating mass have any detrimental effect to performance of the dsg? I assume Speedo will return correct speed as...
  6. Shredder

    Am I Being Thick . . . .

    I'd assumed a Kombi LWB with -40mm springs, 20" rims and 275/40 tyres would have a lower overall height than the equivalent VW Sportline Looking at the wheel and rim calculator thingy, I'm not so sure now, unless I've done something wrong. Which would have a lower total vehicle height ?? Just...
  7. T

    All terrain tyres - recommendations and pictures

    hi all, does anyone have all terrain tyres on their van? I love the look but am interested in how loud they are compared to smoother tyres and if there are any other draw backs people have encountered, thanks
  8. Matt W

    Spare Wheel - do I need to change it from 16” if I’ve gone bigger?

    Afternoon all, Quick question. I am planning to put some 18" alloys on my van with 235/50 R18 tyres fitted. Will it still be ok to use the original supplied spare wheel with alloys of this size in the event of a puncture? Thanks
  9. GordyT6

    The Big wheel Gearbox debate

    Hi peeps. Look I know everyone has an opinion on this. But I have my 20's on my T6, a few warned me about it screwing my gearbox, then others say no I wouldn't, we've been and done that now but to a mere fool that I am. Can anyone answer me why VW think big wheels do the gearbox in? Surely my...