rolling homes

  1. Gavandi

    Sold 2016 LWB T30 140PS Highline Camper. £44,500 ONO

    About to put our lovely 2016 T30 LWB 140 up for sale. I’ve owned from new Metallic Starlight Blue - excellent condition 39433K FSH/VW main dealer. Recent MOT Going onto VW/Audi forecourt tomorrow courtesy of a friend. It’s a Rear Pop Top full width SCA bed. Rear Kitchen layout with Tailgate so...
  2. T

    Rolling Homes

    My van was converted by Rolling Homes in November of 2016, last year (October) the solar panel started to work intermittently so last week I finally got around to phoning them about it. Booked in for fault finding today, I arrived at 9.00 am and explained the issue, my van went off for checking...
  3. Y

    SCA194 Fabric Wear

    Not sure which forum to post this... I have just noticed some wear to the fabric of my SCA194 roof - the roof itself is barely a year old. The wear is at the rear driver's side. Has anyone else had a similar problem or know the cause? It isn't an area that can be influenced significantly by...