1. B

    For Sale 4x Black Rhino Warlord Gunmetal 8x17 + General GRB AT3 3k miles only

    For sale are 4x Black Rhino Gunmetal Warlords (8x17) from our T6 California Tyres are 235/65r/17 General GRB AT3 No fitting issues with standard suspension on the California Have only 3k miles on them Excellent condition - no curb damage Include bolts and rings Great wheel and tyre...
  2. Dannyb6467

    Rhino Roof Rack...a bit of useful information........

    Basically i cant see that Rhino do a roof rack specifically to suit a T6.1 SWB, Tailgate WITH a spoiler?? Tell me if im wrong. Also, after a bit of measuring id suspect that the front of the roof rack would catch the sharks fin if id have mounted the rack using Rhino feet and the 8 fixing...
  3. Glen starkey

    For Sale Genuine Swb Rhino Roof Rack

    For sale is my aluminium rhino roof rack off my 2016 t6 Great used condition Has 2 extra bars with amber strobe lights Bought this new is 2017 have receipt to prove Rhino pipe tube can be included for extra if needed
  4. TassieT6

    T6F Australia

    Hello all, My name is Randall from Hobart in Tasmania Australia. I received my T6 two weeks ago after a long wait. It is a highline spec 4motion Multivan which I plan to fitout my van for travel to some of the more remote places in Australia with my family.