retaining clips dashboard

  1. Y

    Dash metal trim clips around gear gator

    In taking my dashboard apart I have found that some clips are clearly missing. I'm guessing that when it's been apart previously they have been lost and not replaced. I'm after some of these (the picture is of one of the clips that holds in the plastic gear gator surround on the centre console):
  2. D

    Dash metal clips part number around radio?

    Anyone know the part number for the yellow metal panel clips for the top of the radio/vent surround? Thanks
  3. Grim Reaper

    'Where The Clips Are' thread...

    I found a picture that @Skyliner33 Posted to be very useful in allowing me not to break the trim on my rear tailgate wiper cover (as he unfortunately did) Would a thread with pictures of where trim panel clips are around the van be useful to anyone? I'll start with the wiper cover again. Use...
  4. T

    Dash Metal Retaining Clips around Heater

    Dear all, Sorry to trouble you. But in removing my head unit to put rear speakers in one of these retaining clips came out with the head unit surround / vents and irretrievably bounced down the back of the dashboard!! Does anyone know where I can obtain these from or a part number for VW ...