1. GtiOli

    Find owner of registration

    Hi, With a new van on order I have been thinking about private registrations (as if I hadn’t got enough to buy). My first car was a 1978 mini which had a great 6 digit reg, when I sold the car the plate was transferred and I have seen it’s now on a Fiat. I’d love to track it down and see if I...
  2. H

    WLTP - Am I Being BS’d By Dealer?

    So I ordered a new Caravelle Exec (Bamboo Green) on 19 August, added to the spec on 22nd. Hoping, for obvious reasons, to have it by 31st October. Joined the T6 forum to get fully informed. Which I certainly have. Given a build week of 39 on 6th September. All looking good. Contacted the dealer...
  3. Village

    WLTP causing delays?

    so I am expecting to become the proud new owner of T6 kombi 204, or rather I was expecting to have it already, but am being told that the registration is being delayed by the VCA because it is awaiting certification confirming it is exempt under the new WLTP regs. Has anyone else had this...