rear bumper

  1. T

    Wanted Rear bumper Bracket/Bar

    Looking for a standard T6 rear bumper metal bracket, want to take my tow bar off Close to Salisbury, Wiltshire if possible
  2. G

    Wanted Startline Rear Bumper (Barn Door)

    Rear bumper for a 2017 Startline barn door please. The black plastic one.
  3. Nomad

    Rear parking sensor fallen out!

    One of my rear parking sensors has fallen out inside the bumper cover. It seems to be sitting on top of the steel bumper but impossible to reach. it's still working but annoyingly bleeps away as soon as I select reverse as it's obviously detecting the surrounding bumper/bodywork! Anyone else...
  4. T

    Wanted Bumper swap: T6 Startline for Highline/Trendline.

    Looking to swap my startline black bumpers to highline ones..
  5. T

    Wanted T6.1 rear bumper

    Ideally looking for a highline rear bumper for t6.1 barn door
  6. X

    T6.1 rear bumper on a T6

    Hi, I have a LWB t6 2016 tailgate model. The rear bumper is trashed. I have been offered a very nice T6.1 rear bumper at a reasonable price. Both bumpers have 4 parking sensors. Will it fit? if so, do I need any different parts to match ie brackets in fills or lights please? Hope you can help
  7. Garv

    For Sale T6.1 Highline Black Pearl Front and rear bumper assembly

    T6.1 OEM Black Pearl Front and Rear Bumper assembly Delivery Miles only! Selling due to upgrade Tailgate Version 6x Holes for Park assist You will receive what's in the photos Collection from Stafford area £300
  8. M4rc

    Rear Bumper fixings - barn-door to tailgate

    I'll be removing a bumper from my T6 (Barn door) & replacing with a 6.1 tailgate bumper. will it be a straight swap? I know it fits but will I require any additional fixings or parts? TIA
  9. djg87

    Barn door rear bumper style/diffuser

    Audi Q7 bumpers and exhaust for 1500ish. Thoughts?
  10. Petezum

    Rear Ended 10mph

    I got a slight bump in queuing traffic at a roundabout today the van that hit me could have only been doing 10mph had a very small scratch in paint work (I think they had no insurance and were getting quite aggressive I had my little girl with me who was getting upset so I took the option of...
  11. F2JON

    Wanted Barn door rear bumper any colour.

    I’m after a painted barn door rear bumper as title suggests, let me know if you have anything ?
  12. NomadicCreatives

    Sold T6 Startline rear bumper

    Hello! I’ve swapped out my rear bumper for a highline one, so it’s available. If anyone wants it give me an offer. Otherwise it will go to the skip in a few days. Location is Cheltenham and it’s been removed and put in a box.
  13. B

    Wanted Startline Rear Bumper (Barn Door)

    Looking to buy a black startline rear bumper for T6. Could swap it with my indium grey one below.
  14. D

    Rear bumper seems loose?

    Hi , just been working on my newly acquired van and happened to notice the rear bumper seems wobbly i guess you could say, i have attached a video for reference, but wondering if there is a way to tighten this up at all? Thanks Daniel
  15. X

    Wanted T6 Rear bumper (barn door) needed

    Hi all, Looking for a rear bumper for a barn door T6. Any colour is fine - it just can't be the black plastic version from the Startline Thanks!
  16. marsie

    gap between tailgate and bumper

    My new to me t6 has come with a bumper protection trim but there is little or no gap when the tailgate is down. I don't want to fit the trim and then find its rubbing all the paint off the lower edge of the tailgate. Is there a way to somehow increase the gap? TIA Paul
  17. MrT

    Sold T6.1 front and rear bumpers tailgate

    Hi Iv got for sale my front and rear bumpers pure grey for sale. Have done less done 300 miles as paintworxs Loughborough took them off and put my Leighton vans LV-R kit on. Unfortunately a very small scuff has appeared on the rear bumper from transit. Looking for £400 for the pair collected.
  18. J

    FREE Rear bumper slight damage in white

    Hi I've got a 2016 t6 barn door. I've just replaced my rear bumper as I parked a plant pot into it and cracked it. The cracked bumper is a former black unit that's been sprayed candy White when van was converted. If someone wishes to collect from Widnes Wa88wp this weekend they can have it for...
  19. M

    For Sale rear (tailgate) bumper - in Pure Grey

    Hi all recently had a respray to the front of my T6 and the rear bumper and went for new parts (at the sprayers advice). Therefore I have a T6 front end, a Sportline front bumper and a rear bumper all for sale in Pure Grey. The Front end is missing the VW badge, the Sportline front bumper is...
  20. J

    Barn-door bumper guides

    Can anyone help, I’m looking for the bumper guides for a T6 barn door rear bumper. Does anyone have an exploded diagram also Thanks