rear bumper

  1. wardy53

    Rear Bumper for barn door - different to tailgate?

    Hi. In need of a bumper as had a little accident . Do I need one for barn doors not tailgate. & what year will fit. Tia
  2. patbarn


  3. bobstephens

    Wanted Transporter T6 front and rear bumper primed or white

    Wanted: upgrading my 2016 66 t28. I’m wanting front and rear bumpers primed or candy white. Please get in touch. Based near Plymouth Devon but will travel all the best Rob
  4. JordanGT

    Sold VW T6 Tailgate rear bumper valance

    I bought this earlier this year but never fitted it. £250 Ono
  5. sparkywig

    Rear bumper adjustment

    Evening all. Is there any adjustment on the rear bumper height? Mine seems to be rubbing the bottom of the tailgate for some reason.
  6. N

    Rear Bumper options??

    Hi all, New here! First T6 (but have had multiple T4s and T5s!) I’m in the process of starting a camper build and came across some smart looking wrap around led lights to replace the reflectors on the back bumpers however, my van is a standard panel van and the reflectors don’t wrap...
  7. czmate1999

    Rear tailpipes options

    hi all, Have seen a few images of T6s with a duel exhaust and quite like it... has anyone got this set up and how much did it cost? Just curious... Cz.
  8. A

    Part Number for missing rear bumper screw?

    Does anyone know what screw should go in the location below. This is the lower rear bumper: Is it one of these? Thanks in advance
  9. J

    Barn-doors rusting at the bottom

    Hi guys, how can I stop the bottom of my barn doors from rusting? I have had both doors lifted slightly at the hinges, but rain water still collects below and causing them to rust??? thanks in advance Jim
  10. Johno11

    Rear Bumper Protector

    I have recently purchased a new T6 conversion camper and someone has kindly driven out and grazed my rear bumper along with a small dint..annoying..I want to add protection to the bumper after its been repaired, such as a 60mm s/s guard but can't seem to track one down..any help re a supplier...
  11. SAF1981

    Wiring Rear Bumper Led Lights?..

    Hello I have purchased a set of LED bumper lights from Mr, Ali Express but there aren't any instructions for wiring them in. Does anyone have any instructions file I can download or have done this swap before? There are 3 bare wires black, red and white Any help would be appreciated
  12. t6 steve

    Sold Selling T6 Rear Bumper

    im selling a t6 rear bumper bit of a long story but here we go. I bought this from a advert I asked if it would fit my 18 plate t6 barn doors the bloke said yes it will fit .it ad not been damaged anywere just painted red with few starches on it due to storage so I bought it .it came with no...
  13. osman

    Any Advice On Repairing (slightly) Cracked Bumper

    Hi I opened up an old crack (previously repaired I guess by the last owner) by just touching a post whilst reversing (honest!) anyhow just in case anyone has had to repair a similar kind of crack in a rear bumper I was wondering how to go about it.. I see the kits in Halfords etc but was...
  14. H

    Found T6 Highline Bumper

    Just wondering if anyone has a t6 high line bumper for a tailgate in indium grey, with PDC for sale? cheers
  15. K

    Painting My Bumpers

    Some serious sanding but its getting there
  16. Big Zak

    Rear Bumper Insert.

    hello all, could someone please advise me of the part numbers for the rear bumper insert on a 2017 T6. I got a towbar fitted and my bumper is sagging in the middle and have been told that I need to buy the insert, to stop this. I am having problems finding one as I was told Part Number 7H0 807...
  17. D

    Found Rear Bumper

    Wanted: Rear bumper, preferably Reflex Silver. Offside bumper reflector. Offside bumper mounting bracket. One parking sensor. To fit a 2016 Highline Kombi.
  18. D

    Rear Bumper Diagram / Parts List

    After customising my rear bumper today I need a diagram / parts list for a 2016 T6 Highline (parking sensors) tailgate bumper assembly including fixing kit and D Pillar plastic trim. Reflex Silver colour coded. Prices would be a bonus. Should have gone to Specsavers ☹️ Cheers.
  19. Ed Webb

    T6 vs T5.1 differences

    Hi guys, As you can probably tell I'm new to the T6 scene. I had a T4 a few years ago and super stoked to get back in the dub club. My only observation is when it comes to styling and picking accessories out for my new T6 many of which at the same as the T5. so my question is, Is there an...
  20. Jongall

    Cutting Travelin-lite Panels

    installing the above but need to cut holes for parking sensors. What do people use?