range rover stormer wheels

  1. t6blo

    Land Rover / Range Rover Alloy Wheels

    Please post pics of your transporter wearing RR / LR alloys. Please also post wheel specs......
  2. Ragadyman

    Range Rover Stormer 20” Alloys

    So I like the look of the Range Rover Stormer 20” alloys for my T6.Being a factory wheel I’m guessing built better than an aftermarket item. What tyres would you recommend? I was thinking 275/35/20 so the Speedo still was reading correctly?? But are concerned about rubbing. I want to lower the...
  3. T66RUB

    20 Range Rover Alloys - Tyres?

    Just had my mrs 20 inch old Range Rover wheels (stormer) powder coated ready for summer. Has anyone fitted these to a t6? What will I need to fit these? Spigot rings, spacers, longer bolts? There seams plenty of options on 40/20 tyres or do you go for a 35/20? Any info appreciated thanks