pollen filter

  1. Repete

    Pollen Filter

    Oh man what a waste it was to spec that extra pollen filter for the van ...... Clearly does not work at all .... ;) Sry. I´ll show myself out. :)
  2. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F...
  3. J

    T6 Activated Carbon Cabin/Pollen Filter

    Has anyone managed to install one on a T6? If so how?
  4. Loz

    T6 Changing the Pollen Filter 2017-11-21

    Workshop maintenance procedure for replacement of the cabin pollen filter.
  5. Pete C

    Pollen Filter ?

    I have had parts of the dash apart today to route the charger wiring from the main battery to the leisure battery, and I though I would try and track down the pollen filter while I was there - but I can't find it ! Youtube is full of videos of how to replace your T5 pollen filter, but nothing...