1. D

    Engine Swap From Diesel To Petrol

    Hi has anyone swapped Diesel engine to petrol engine I’m looking to swap from 2.0 tdi to rs3 2.5 l in my t6 has any one done this.
  2. T6Paul

    T6 Engine Poll - Fast Forward To The Future!

    OK, Lets pretend that it's now the year 2020 and you're looking to upgrade your current T6! VW have got their act together and now offer a choice of 3 engine types, a Diesel (TDi), a Petrol (TSi) and an all new Petrol / Electric (Hybrid). Which would you choose for your new van?...
  3. Captain Backfire

    Foc Remap!

    I am due to collect my Kombi in 2 weeks After an 8 month wait. The company I have ordered it from are doing a lot of work to get it looking just how I want it... leather, limo tint, chrome side bars, roof bars, 20” Bola XTRs.... They have offered to remap my petrol 204 DSG to the stage 1 pendle...
  4. T

    Which fuel?

    The book says diesel with lowest sulphur is best. I put in some BP Excellium by mistake,as I would usually go for the standard diesel. But then it got me thinking that maybe this would be better for the van to use it all the time. The other big fuel maker/providers do their own sort of thing...
  5. DaveBos

    What's your MPG

    140 SWB Kombi Manual Average mpg 36.6, covered 3000 miles. Managed a 40mpg last weekend, Holyhead to Manchester and back, 70mph on dual carriageway and motorways. I travel 35 miles each way to work everyday on a quiet dual carriageway not booting it. From other posts an average of 36.6 seems a...