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  1. C

    Has anyone fitted a diesel heater under the single passenger seat.

    My next job is to fit a Planar diesel heater. My leisure battery is under the drivers seat. The passenger seat is a single seat and the van has Add Blue and I know the tank is under that front seat. Has anyone fitted their diesel heater inside the van, under the passenger seat please. Thank you...
  2. S

    Removing Passenger Seat (heated+airbags)

    Removing the seat is easy, but I’m damned if I can figure out how this blue connector comes apart. I assume that the locking mechanism is here (yellow arrow) and I’ve pressed, pushed and pulled but no joy. Can anyone help? TIA Bill
  3. B

    Wanted Passenger Captain Seat in Tassimo

    Hi - as per title wanted - Captain Passenger Seat in Tassimo finish - I see a few on ebay etc but bit pricey - anyone with one for sale at more reasonable price? cheers
  4. Newbie_Dave

    Wanted T5/T6 Passenger captains’ seat

    Hi - looking to change my double passenger swivel seat for a single captains swivel passenger seat .... if anyone is breaking a T5/T6 and is looking to sell, please let me know. FYI - I have a 2016 T32 Sportline - any seat I get will be re-covered to match what I already have.
  5. K

    Sold Passenger heated captains Seat

    K Hi All, I have a brand new 6,1 Highline passenger seat. Taken out to upgrade to a bench. Has the hearing element if required however can be used in a van without heated seats too. Based in the south. Seen them going for around £1000, please message if interested. K
  6. Silber

    Sold Passenger Captain Seat (heated, arm rests, full comfort adjust. 2019). £700

    This will fit a uk passenger seat. 2 arm rests, with full comfort controls including height, lumbar and heating. It's the drivers seat from our 2019 German T6 T32 so seat belt is correct side for uk passenger seat. £700
  7. R

    Wanted T5.1 Passenger Captain Seat

    As above really.
  8. A

    Wanted Passenger Captains Seat in Simora

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for a front passenger captain seat with armrests and base in Simora, just incase anyone is looking to sell! Thanks in advance Ash.
  9. tubs

    Sold T6 Passenger Captains Seat in Simora

    I have a Passenger Captains Seat in Simora Fabric with base and rear lower cover , Lumbar Adjustment and Armrests , excellent Condition Collection from Dundee area £950
  10. T6ChrisO

    Wanted Passenger Captains Seat

    As per title, im after a single passenger seat. I do have a double bench that I could swap plus cash but happy to just purchase if need be. I'm Manchester based. Thanks in advance
  11. N

    Wanted Passenger Captains Seat in Simora

    Hi, May well be a long shot but I’m looking for a T6 Simora single passenger seat with armrests. Thanks Steven
  12. Newbie_Dave

    Found Sportline Anni passenger seat

    Recently bought my T32 Sportline (anniversary edition) campervan and need to change the double passenger seat for a single swivel seat as my wife needs the additional support for long journeys. (see photos) I'm looking for either a matching swivel passenger seat or may replace driver and...
  13. D

    Wanted Passenger Captains Seat

    Looking for a Passenger Captains Seat, no base required to fit 2017 T32 Transporter (so T5 or T6 will fit) With armrests, no airbags or heater required. Good price paid and can collect dependant on distance.
  14. 3RGK

    Wanted VW T6.1 Passenger Captain Seat

    Hello! I am trying to source a t6.1 captain passenger seat, preferably with heating and base. But without is ok too. If you have one for sale please let me know. Thank you Rick
  15. Steeeeve

    Found T6 Single passenger seat base

    Preferably Essex area or available to post. Thanks
  16. N

    Wanted Wanted T5 passenger single seat

    Hi I’m after a T5 single passenger seat if anyone has one for sale I’m in Merseyside Thank you very much neil
  17. W

    Sold Front passenger seat ( heated ) with seat base. £800

    I have a front passenger seat and base for sale. The seat is heated, no armrests, but all the usual adjustments. From a ‘69 reg Kombi T6
  18. S

    Wanted Passenger Captains Seat in Simora

    Hi, As title says, I’m looking for a passenger captains chair with base (hopefully) in simora cloth Thanks
  19. W

    Sold Passenger captain’s seat, heated, Simora. £795

    I have a spare passenger seat, heated, usual height adjustment and lumbar support. Simora cloth. Van has done 30,000 miles, the seat hasn’t ! Reduced to £795
  20. 1271A

    Found Passenger single seat base

    I'm looking for a passenger single seat base. No seat. Ideally dorset/Hants/wilts area Thanks in advance