passenger seat

  1. RDT

    For Sale Front Passenger Captains Seat for T6 (including base) £1000

    Front Passenger Captains Seat for T6 (including base) £1000 Will post pictures tonight, immaculate condition, simora fabric, seat taken out of 2019 (69) plate T32 Kombi. Does not include fixing bolts for floor. Collection from Cumbria
  2. Alan slyde

    Swapping Single passenger seat to double bench seat been tolled by converter it’s a easy straightforward swap ??

    Hi we are looking a round at the minute for a t6 van but wife wants it to have a double passenger seat as sometimes there are 5 off us but all the vans she has seen and like are just Single passenger seat I was talking to a Van converter he was saying was a straightforward easy to do swap ...
  3. P

    For Sale T6.1 passenger captains chair + other dash bits

    New T6.1 captains chair for sale. I have purchased a factory swivel and swapped my leather base cushions and back rest over so selling the rest as not required. Its brand new, except the height adjustable base itself off my original seat which was hardly used. Seat has manual lumbar and an...
  4. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Passenger seat, with swivel base, locker, drivers swivel,handbrake bracket and floor blanking screws.

    Hi, we converted our bench to two captains seats when we bought the van, however we now need to change back; I have the following available which is what is needed to fit a single passenger and a swivel for the driver; VW T5/T6 Inca passenger seat (we paid £299) used only with THQ seat covers...
  5. H

    For Sale 2011 Single Passenger Seat - offers

    Hi all, Have switched by single passenger seat for a bench seat in the front of our kombi to fit the grandkids in. Any idea how much I should be selling this for? Have heard varying opinions. Thanks,
  6. R

    Sold Single passenger seat

    Comes with base and it has electric lumbar adjustment. Collection from Bournemouth I'll consider swaps for a nice set of 20" alloys £750
  7. dave_b

    Sold Swivel base for passenger captain seat

    £50 collected from Newquay
  8. Fitzy76

    Sold VW T6 Transporter Caravelle Front Heated Captains Seats With Bases

    Genuine VW T5 T6 Transporter Caravelle Front Heated Captains Seats. Both Seats Have Lumbar Adjustment And have Armrests etc... Includes genuine bases, with rear base covers. All in Very Good Condition free of stains or rips. Will Fit All T5 T6 Transporters, From 2003- Onwards. Collection only...
  9. J

    T6.1 Captains Passenger Swivel Seat - Price £1000

    VW T6.1 Captains Passenger Swivel Seat. This was only recently purchased from Kernow Transporters - images of original e-bay advert attached. Note e-bay price didn't include base or swivel. Comes with base and brand new Sport-Tek swivel - also included is rear plastic cover that will need cut...
  10. T

    Wanted T5/t6 passenger captains seat **wanted***

    Hi all, I’m converting my van into a kombi, Just after a single passenger seat for the front now, any trim pattern too, as these will be getting redone! Or any info of where to buy would be greatly appreciated Cheers Adam
  11. BiTurbo

    Single passenger seat adapter kit. To fit car seats in a van.

    Found these on Facebook, worth a look if you want to swap the twin seat and fit two singles.
  12. p6raf

    For Sale SOLD VW T6 Carlex Design heated leather Captain & Pax seats

    Hardly used, perfect condition. These seats are from Carlex Design and not cheap covers. Absolutely gorgeous. Both fronts are also heated. £1800 ono Collection from Plymouth
  13. p6raf

    Dashboard passenger airbag

    Ok, moving forward with my passenger bench seat install.... The single passenger seat indeed does have a different dashboard airbag to a bench. I've sourced the correct one but my next question is how to get to it. Spent ages googling and searching forums but cannot seem to find any information...
  14. Mike Dean

    Sold T6.1 Captain Seats.

    Hi All, I’m switching out my factory captain seats from T6.1 for factory captain swivels, therefore I have the originals coming up for sale. Seats are like new condition. I’m swapping out my leather, but can supply with the grid covers coming off the swivels. See picture. Sadly there is a...
  15. Lukavell

    Sold 2 x Caravelle Front Swivelling Captains Chairs. OEM. Leather Alcantara.

    As titled, these are as good as new. Only removed as I needed to fit the height adjustable version for my driving comfort. Been stored in a warm dry garage. £2000.
  16. Andyman

    Wanted Single front seat with armrests T6/6.1

    Looking for single front seat, with arm rests, not bothered if fixed or turns Thank you
  17. Andysmee

    Sold Passenger captain's seat

    I don't normally advertise these seats on this forum as most T6 owners are looking for black trims but this is the last pair that I'm going to do due to ill health so here it is... Edit: I have sold the drivers seat so can now split the pair. VW T5.1/T6 Passenger Captain's seat retrimmed in...
  18. G

    Wanted T6 single passenger seat with armrests

    After selling my old van I've tried buying a car but just can't bring myself to do it. So a replacement van is due next Saturday. Looking forward to collection! Not anywhere near the spec of my old one however... I'm looking for a T6 captains passenger chair (hopefully without remortgaging the...
  19. Red lupo gti

    Found Captains passenger seat

    On the look out if anyone has one for sale? Thanks
  20. ma77y

    Found Single passenger seat

    Looked on ebay and don't want to pay the ridiculous prices people are demanding. Anyone interested in helping a brother out? T6 single passenger seat wanted, not bothered about what trim or condition it's in (obviously not a write off) also don't need a base as I have one. Let me know what...