1. J

    Rules on van sleeping in car-parks and lay-by’s…

    Hi… I have a caravelle which we are using to sleep in for occasional nights. It’s literally just a van, no table, cooker etc. I’ve noticed lots of signs say free overnight parking but no overnight parking for campervans and motor homes. Does that mean it’s ok to sleep there as I’ve not got a...
  2. M

    Perimeter alarm

    Hi, Has anyone fitted a perimeter alarm ? I like the idea of tapping into the parking sensors plus adding some additional ones either side of my van which will bleep if someone is near whilst I’m sleeping inside. Additionally, could this be expanded on to have them connected to an old smart...
  3. Scoobied64

    Parking App

    Just been perusing the IOS App Store trying to find app’s listing car parks. There seem to be several including apps to book parking which seem good. However I can’t find one which allows me to put in my vehicle reg and get an answer as to whether I’d fit either in the parking space or under a...
  4. Dazzat53

    Parking At Gatwick

    Evening folks I have to park our van at Gatwick for a week whilst on holiday. Anyone got experience parking their van there? Cheers