parking lights

  1. G

    van Parking Lights..

    Just sharing a tip, if like us you throw some of your excess baggage onto the drivers seat when camping in the van, just be mindful you don’t accidentally, unknowingly knock the stalk activating the parking lights, like we did, not sure how long they were on, definitely all night, probably a lot...
  2. gergely

    Front parking lights with blinking turn signals not working

    Hi, yesterday night I had to pull over to the roadside and being quite dark I wanted to show my car being there as much as I could using both parking lights and warning signals (4 blinking turn signals) on. To my surprise, front parking lights have switched off when warning lights were on while...
  3. T

    Carista parking light options?

    Hi folks! I have a couple of issues with how the lights on my van functions that are annoying me, so hoping maybe you guys can help. Van is a mostly basic Norwegian 2016 150hp 4motion, standard h4 headlights. Unlikely that anyone have been messing with Carista or VCDS before me, but not...
  4. H

    US style parking lights

    How can I activate "US" parking lights on my 2017 t6?
  5. walnuts

    Lighting Madness

    I've been suffering from some really weird problems with my lights, details below, anyone got any idea what the hell is going here? I'll try and keep it short.... So a few weeks ago I noticed that my interior lights had packed up, thanks to the info here I was able to find the relevant fuse and...
  6. Nick Reed

    Instrument cluster backlight - headlamp related?

    Apologies if this has been discussed previously but as a newbee to the site i'm not sure. My 16 plate Kombi has a problem with the dash display sometimes illuminating / sometimes not. Only happens when side/mainlights are switched off. Dealer was suitably vague...ideas? Also, the halogen drl's...
  7. Nickdaw

    Parking lights

    Im trying to turn on the parking lights , just one side. I Have tried the indicator left/right and nothing, thats how it use to work on my Bora. I can turn both sides with the light switch. Any ideas ?? thanks:confused: