1. M

    Multivan - order chairs from VW

    I am trying to buy a used T6 Multivan, but most of them have missing chairs. Either the bench is missing and they only have the two captain chairs, or one or both captain chairs are missing and they only have the bench. My question is, if I can't find one with all 7 seats and end up buying one...
  2. Dannyb6467

    VW factories were closed across Europe.

    Just had this email. Not sure if its posted before but it looks like new orders will be delayed.
  3. Chris Brett

    Acoustic Pack Issue

    Hi guys, I bought a brand new T6 Highline 4 motion T32 204 DSG Kombi a couple of months ago & think it’s great except one little issue! I ordered the extra acoustic pack with the dealer but have had an interesting experience. When the Kombi arrived the spec sheet stated it was fitted so I...
  4. Captain Backfire

    Track My Order

    My van is being built this week apparently... I was given my order number by the Dealers but when I put it into the tracker it doesn't recognise it. Track My Order : Volkswagen UK Is there a different order tracking process for commercial vehicles? I ordered a Kombi 204 TSi with lots of extras.