1. Yogi

    VW roof rack with Thule accessories yes or no?

    Need to sort myself out a roof rack for my T6.1 and have a quick question Are the Thule range of accessories and in particular the Thule 874 kayak pads compatible with the current OEM Transporter roof rack? Thanks
  2. C

    Which? roof rails for a T6?

    In the process of buying a used T6 that does not have roof rails. Quite a few options out there for aftermarket rails but I have no idea which will be decent. I'm guessing the cheaper ones might corrode more etc? Keen to hear any recommendations. Thanks.
  3. Leigh

    Part number: roof rails?

    Was pleasantly surprised that the VW Genuine Roof Rails are only £80. Was not happy to pay £150 for the cross bars that fit onto them though. So my question is - Can you fit aftermarket Cross Bars Onto Genuine VW rails? If so does anyone know which make Thanks