1. sipep

    Sold Roof bars £30

    Pair of black roof bars. Removed when poptop was fitted. About 2 years old, so still good condition. Collection from Newcastle under Lyme
  2. williecba

    I have omtec 1453 roof rails but no instructions so which is left and which is right?

    I have omtec 1453 roof rails but no instructions as to which is left and which is right? I can't find any instructions online. The rails are asymetric and I notice that one has the numbers 1 and 2 underneath the end caps and one has numbers 3 and 4 but nowhere does it state left or right. I am...
  3. dave_b

    Roof rails and bars. £50

    Collection from Newquay. £50
  4. PapaJay

    Omtec Roof-Bar - Connector Nut Help

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I bought the Omtec cross bars (1453) for the van second hand and one of the connector nuts/screw combos is threaded so can't be screwed down. So in need of a replacement. The screw is easy to replace but the hexagonal connector nut I'm struggling with. It's...
  5. Yogi

    VW roof rack with Thule accessories yes or no?

    Need to sort myself out a roof rack for my T6.1 and have a quick question Are the Thule range of accessories and in particular the Thule 874 kayak pads compatible with the current OEM Transporter roof rack? Thanks
  6. X

    Which? roof rails for a T6?

    Hi guys. Just got my original VW roof rails. The fitting looks simple enough but in the box there are what looks like 6 black plastic spacers, not the rubber gaskets. these plastic spacer like bits don't seem to fit into the rails anywhere. Any idea what they might be for or there they go...
  7. Leigh

    Part number: roof rails?

    Was pleasantly surprised that the VW Genuine Roof Rails are only £80. Was not happy to pay £150 for the cross bars that fit onto them though. So my question is - Can you fit aftermarket Cross Bars Onto Genuine VW rails? If so does anyone know which make Thanks