omnistor 5102

  1. RyanGerry

    Anyone have a Thule Omnistor 5102?

    does anyone know if the Thule 5102 can be fitted on either side? in all the pics it’s fitted on the drivers side but I really want it on the passenger side as I have a Vango Galli and if I fit it on the drivers side it means the opening will be at the rear as I always like to have the van facing...
  2. Brae

    Thule Omnistor 4900 Fixing To Van

    Afternoon all I have a standard rain gutter and trying to find out how a Thule Omnistor 4900 awning fixes to the van ? has anyone been able to use the holes in the gutter with a bracket , I'd prefer not to screw into the body work ...I currently have Thule aero bars on and I've 2 spare holes...
  3. D

    Do Omnistor 5102 Parts Fit The Original Vw T6 Awning ?

    The awning of my VW Multivan T6 camper is damaged. I need to replace one springarm and one endplate. A sticker inside my awnings identifies it as a Thule product. So, VW actually installes Thule awnings on its T6 vans. However, VW doesn't sell parts for the awning. One can only purchase a...