1. Adam Lucas

    How You Wash Your Van?

    Ok people what do you do, wash at home with every product possible , go to the petrol station jet wash, drive through car wash etc Personally i won't be on my drive way waxing away , but could do with some tips on a quick wash at home in-between going somewhere to have it washed waxed...
  2. richi

    Nilfisk question

    Can anyone tell me if a Nilfisk pressure washer can take a feed from a water butt instead of a hose connected to mains water?
  3. Alan Croft

    Pressure washer advice

    Hi all, Been using my cheap and nasty power washer which hasn't a huge power output and was looking at something a little better. Argos have a nilfisk c120 at £99 and a nilfisk c125 at £139. Just wondered if anyone had used one of these and if they are any good. Was going to get a snowfoam...
  4. R

    Pressure Washers

    Not sure if anyone has asked this question but what type of Pressure washer is best. I need a good one to clean my Patio, the one I have is Black & Decker and getting a bit tired. I have been looking at getting a Karcher K4 but have been told NilFisk is another worth looking at. I might add I'm...
  5. L

    Pressure washer, is it safe?

    I've got a Nilfisk pressure washer, just about to unbox it, hadn't got it to clean the van but wondered if it might be a goer, I think I can adjust the power of it. The model I have is 'Nilfisk C-PG 130.2-8 Xtra 130 Bar Compact' Cheers Lee
  6. Buggirl

    Detailing Routine

    Just been and brought the rest of what I need to start detailing the van!