1. S

    NASA marine bm-2 battery monitor

    Morning dubers.. quick one I’ve the bm-2 unit and it says to run + wire from the starter battery to the leisure battery with a small inline fuse! Do I need to run a - wire as well as nothing really shown or explained in the instructions cheers in advance
  2. T

    Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    i have a ctek250 for charging the leisure battery from the alternator and soon also a solar panel, I also have a VictronConnect charger for when on hookup which has Bluetooth showing the battery charging. What I would like is a Bluetooth module to show me battery status and current in/ out...
  3. Chris Joyce

    Power Management Recommendations

    Hi guys, first post here. We have just bought a t6 starlight blue to convert into a camper. I'm just doing some research into things and I'm at the stage of looking at power management. I'm just wondering what people generally use and what's the most up to date system at the moment. Having...
  4. drew_greenday

    Battery Monitor or not

    I'm thinking of getting a battery monitor for my van. It would be good to see what sort of load i'm using when out and about, will also give an indication of how long left. Was specifically looking at the Nasa Marine BM-1 Clipper Battery Monitor. The only thing thats putting me off is the price...