mirror indicators

  1. G

    Have I damaged my folding mirror?

    Quite a while ago I fitted the Audi led wing mirrors indicators to my T6 but in the process of doing the drivers side I got a bit too rough with it and ended up doing something which had now made it not fold up. when I got a bit rough with it was when I was pulling the cables through into the...
  2. Bear

    Repeater Lamps In Mirrors.

    Hi. Has anyone done or seen repeater lamps in the door mirrors, like a golf etc ?
  3. Deaky

    Who’s Gonna Be First Then?

    @Fish @StudleyGlass
  4. steveph

    Power fold mirror retrofit with fold on remote lock

    I’ve just swapped my T6 electric/heated mirrors to power folding mirrors. And they fold on remote lock :) This approach requires you have the standard electric/heated mirrors. Part of the kit would apply to add fold/unfold on remote lock/unlock to factory installed power fold mirrors - see my...