1. Yzfr1

    Maxton V2 Splitter (Textured)

    Hi, Has anyone here fitted the Maxton V2 splitter that's got the textured finish? I was wondering if the textured version is a good mach for the OEM plastic parts. I not sure if a gloss one may look odd against my OEM unpainted plastics.
  2. Brae

    Maxton Front Splitter

    Good afternoon all I'm after a bit of feedback or photos regards these front splitters from Maxton … in your opinion which Version protrudes the least ? or maybe both versions are the same . I'm looking for one that doesn't stick out too much so maybe another supplier could be a better option ...
  3. Mrpowwow

    Sold Maxton V.2 Front Splitter

    Brand New Maxton front splitter, never used £130 to buy new £100
  4. D

    Sold Maxton Design Front Splitter £50

    For sale a maxton design front splitter for a t6. In great condition the previous owner fitted it I've gone for a pansmerica front trim. £50 I'm In Norwich
  5. P

    Best Front End?

    Hi All Ok so I generally go down the OEM route when it comes to parts but the sportline front one day I like and then another day I dislike! Van is Indium grey and only my opinion but I don't think its the best colour for the sportline front. I actually really like it on white / red vans! I...