1. shaiboyuk

    VW Sat Nav Map Update without SD card

    Hi, So got my van, but the dealer (not VW) couldn't find the SD card for sat nav, but "promised" would get one asap. I tried the DiscoverCare app, and seems to suggest that you can put map on a standard SD card and it will work.... Tried it, and still says "Navigation database not available"...
  2. 18T6

    Weird Satnav route

    Anyone else’s sat nav insists on coming off the motorway, go straight on at the roundabout and then rejoin?
  3. J

    VW Sat Nav Map Update Failure

    Hi all, just updated my sat nav. Had to format sd card to gain space. Message now saying insert a medium with a valid software. Any ideas?
  4. Dellmassive

    VW Sat Nav Map Update - How We Did It -

    Map software update - How We Did it - This is a joint effort and this post has info from a few threads pulled into one source for future reference, including direct links to maps. ******************************************************************* credits: @mmi @Dellmassive @Pauly @Nigel W...
  5. BeePee

    Map Update

    Hi, is there a particular way to update the map on my sd card. My T6 was new on 22nd December so I guess I should have an update to make sure it is up to the latest version. Thanks.
  6. Glenn Board

    Is My Media System Reverse Camera Compatible?

    Hi, I am fitting a reversing (OEM) camera, and I am told to plug one cable into number 6 and the other into 12, but which ones are they on the blocks? Does anybody have a map or diagram of the block and what res where please?