1. teddy

    awning rails... magnetic or fixed?

    Is there a thread regarding attaching drive away awnings to a T6 roof that anyone can direct me to? Alternatively anyone having an opinion regarding the best method to attach a drive away awning? Thanks all
  2. S

    Magnets for temporary solar-panel mounting

    Quick question for anyone using magnets as temp fix for solar panel on roof .... are they simply stuck 'through' the panel or are you using some sort of fixing? Using it on dash at the moment but would be handy to put on roof occasionally for better gain.
  3. Wayne.wirral

    Magnetic shelves

    I needed some simple cubby hole storage in the back of the van for when I go camping. Decided a simple solution would be magnetic shelf’s which allow me to remove them when I don’t need them and also option of positioning them where I need them. I got them from Machine Mart for £21 for four...
  4. Toad

    DIY Curtains/Blinds - Which Fabric and Magnets?

    You know I never thought I'd find myself on an Internet forum asking about curtain material, but here we go. We're making curtains for the van and have made some basic templates. They're going to be held on with magnets which we've also tested. But what material have people used to provide...