1. Tourershine

    Sold LWB Black side bars.

    I'm not sure if these are of interest to anyone. Genuine VW side bars in Pearl gloss Black with all fixings. These aren't perfect and could do with being powder coated again, but they are cheap enough I guess. £50 Collection only. Located in Leicestershire.
  2. Pexell

    RIB Altair 112 dimensions

    I am planning to build a T6 LWB interior around a RIB Altair 112 bed. This could be a disaster unless I find the accurate dimensions for the bed both up, pulled forward and folded down as a bed. Does anyone have these dimensions or could point me to a diagram? I've failed to find one. In...
  3. jaseo204


    Hi I'm ready to sell my beloved T30 LWB Highline van in indium grey. THE ORIGINAL NUMBER PLATE WILL BE FITTED UPON SALE The specification is below. 85000 Motorway Miles slowly increasing. Full VW Service history from JCT600 Hull 12 Months MOT Brand New engine just fitted at 85000 by VW New...
  4. P

    For Sale T6 LWB U shaped bed system - available now

    Plans got changed, so I had to change our LWB van interior to a standard style with rock n roll bed. So there is a T6 LWB U shaped bed system sitting at Van Furniture available for immediate delivery. Their current lead time for new orders for Laminated U shape Bed Kits : 5 - 7 weeks. Could...
  5. Crispy

    Team LWB

    There’s separate threads for each colour, lets see all the LWB out there: Campers, Swampers, Low Riders, Work vans, Daily Drivers... Here’s my 2016 T6 Kombi: Daily driver, motorbike hauler and camper:
  6. J

    Cali Ocean double Hook-up/Water fill point

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the 2 in 1 hook up point that can be seen on some of the Ocean campers??
  7. Strange Al

    For Sale Evo kitchen window surround LWB

    Gloss black. £50 collection only from WV7 3NH. We ended up not using it so it's never been fitted and still has the protective film over the gloss side.
  8. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  9. S

    making a lwb floor...compatible with double rails..

    the never ending search for a dxf of the floor seems to continue.. i have found a floor but its broken so id only buy it to use as a template.. but its complicated getting it to me.. Do VW do a rubber mat that is compatible with the rails? anyone cracked the dxf of the floor?! i have a diy...
  10. G

    Found 180/204 Highline Kombi

    Hi, Having had to sell my previous van in April i am now starting the hunt for another.... Looking for an early T6 180/204 Highline - ideally LWB and DSG with twin sliders. Tailgate ideally. Would consider a SWB though. Would consider a LWB 5.1 Sportline panel van - i have access to some rear...
  11. Mick Robson

    For Sale LWB silver roof bars

    I have just replaced these with black ones purely for aesthetic reasons only, in very good condition. They look identical to the ones I have just purchased from Van Style, these were on the van when I bought it.. £35 collection only as the box is huge. Im in Bristol area
  12. C

    LWB - Which Conversion?

    Hi everyone - brand new so apologies if any of these have been answered somewhere already. I've just sold my first VW Camper - a very cheap SWB conversion on a T5.1. Basically decided that we love it and having had our big trip cancelled this summer thought now is the time to sell and get the...
  13. S

    In an ideal world

    If you had the choice to buy a new van for a complete conversion would you go for: Long or Short wheel base, DSG or Manual. Pros and cons please can't make up my mind. Also T32 or T30. Does it make a difference, T32 suspension is meant to be too hard but with the extra weight of the cabinets and...
  14. M

    LWB internal bike storage solutions

    I’m looking for a storage solution for up to 4 MTB bikes in the back of a LWB Kombi. Has anyone found an off the shelf solution or has anyone fabricated something they’d be prepared to share. looking for something that can be removed easily and doesn’t require wheels to be removed. Thanks
  15. I

    For Sale LWB silver roof rails

    Basically free, just stick some cash towards the charity of your choice. Taken off a 2016 van I have just brought, a couple of the plastic bolt covers are a little loose, looked like the person fitting them had glued them on. But they are complete and just need collecting from DE15, Burton on...
  16. Pedro

    Sold LWB trapezoidal side bars

    As advert, long wheel base versions in gloss black, bought from Leighton vans 2 weeks ago, fitted on van but am now going down ABT side skirt route, so available from next week. collection from Liverpool as to much hassle to post. £100
  17. N58amx

    Wanted LWB rear load mat

    After a bit of help.. just had a full jerry of diesal go over and its destroyed my rear load mat .. See pics... anyone got one for sale please (lwb single side loader) Cheers nick
  18. OllieGBR

    50 Ltr Vs 65ltr Fridge

    Is anyone running the 65 Ltr Webasto fridge in their van? Pictures? Webasto Cruise 65 liters Fridge In terms of depth, I can see it’s 480mm vs 450mm of its smaller 50ltr version, and will probably need a 500mm cupboard width, but only protruding another 30mm is slight for the additional 15...
  19. OllieGBR

    Has Anyone Placed A Rib Altair In A Different Position?

    I’ve fitted my RIB Altair bed with the supplied mounting plate that fits over the rear most support brace. However, being a LWB it’s a long way back. I’d like to remove the brace, invert it and move the whole thing 100-200mm further forward. There’s still plenty of scope in the bed on it’s...
  20. OllieGBR

    Rib Altair (200mm Sliding Option) Fitted To Lwb

    Has anyone fitted the RIB Altair to their LWB? I managed to install yesterday with the supplied fitting kit, (big brace that fits over one of the rear cross members/ support brace). However, I’m not desperately happy with the location having naively thought that the sliding option would allow...