1. kn0bby

    Stealth Roof Owners...

    Hello Interested to hear from Stealth roof owners. Would really like to hear about the actual roof itself and not the fitting process. I have a fitter who I’m confident will do a good job. Thanks Dave.
  2. M

    Low Life Stealth Roof

    Has anyone had the low life roof fitted to a LWB? Its a toss up between this and a reimo (both same price) Cheers
  3. Mattbluebus

    Which roof...?

    Having recently and sadly sold my lovely T25 having owned and enjoyed her for 10 years. I am waiting delivery of my new Starlight blue T6 Kombi, 204 ps 4 motion etc etc... lovely jubbly. Hence this is my first post here.. first in any forum come to that. In the spring I’ll be asking Dan at...