led taillights

  1. C

    For Sale THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights

    Thinking of selling these on if anyone is interested. Tailgate rear lights with the sequential indicator. Took me 10min to swap out on my originals. Nice looking lights with mega bright reverse lights and sequential indicators. £195...
  2. K

    For Sale T6 OEM LED tail lights. £150

    OEM LED version of the T6 Highline rear lights - tailgate left and right full working order and in great condition £200 if you want me to ship these I’ll need to get a price and carrier sorted first so will sort that out via PM.
  3. Keaney

    Sold T6 LED tail lights. £170

    Genuine VW T6 LED rear lights off a tailgate model. Some slight marks on one side. Both work fine and only selling due to upgrade £170 to collect will post for extra
  4. Texxaco

    For Sale LED tailgate tail-lamps. £175

    Afternoon everyone, I have recently swapped out my OEM VW tailgate LED lights hence they are now up for sale. In super nick, looking for £175 for the pair, collection only. Images can be posted if needed
  5. Sackmycook

    Found Nearside T6 Oem LED rear light cluster

    Looking for a single undamaged T6 LED rear light cluster..... FOUND
  6. The Van Cave

    Sold LED tailgate tail-lamps. £150

    Genuine VW OEM LED Tailgate Rear Light clusters in red. Fitted with high output LED reversing bulbs. Slight crack at the edge of the lens on the OS light as shown in the picture. Note that this crack is not within the light housing so doesn't lead to water ingress into the fitting. These were...
  7. Sackmycook

    LED tail-lamp retrofit

    Just had my bargain rear T6 LED lights delivered and Mrs has unpacked and sent me the photos..... Can anyone see what's going on with the wiring from these ? Looks like the loom has been cut which is fine but don't know what the blue and red wires are for? I'll be getting some wiring from...
  8. Sackmycook

    Tail light ID

    Can anyone confirm whether these are LED or non- LED taillights lights and if barn door or tailgate. Thank you in advance
  9. Ozcat

    Sold T6 LED OEM Tail Lights c/w Plugs. Free delivery. £180

    Pair of T6 LED rear lights for tailgate model. Supplied with 2x loom plugs to enable conversion from standard lights. Excellent condition £200.
  10. M4rc

    Tail-lamp swap - wiring connectors

    Good morning In the process of tailgate conversion on T6. The lights I’ve fitted are LED. The connectors are different to my existing. Is there a loom I can buy? I have an experienced auto electrician coming next week to sort everything else. Just want to make sure I have everything he need...
  11. C12jwalls

    Travelin-lite T6.1 LED tail lamps

    I've just fitted the new led 6.1 style rear lights for the t6. Plug and play system. Comes with the link cable so you will have both lights setup for reverse lights and rear fog lights. Mine was the halogen standard lights. They do do the ones for the led rears aswell. Bargain for £325
  12. O

    Rea light parts says LED but I have bulbs!?

    Hi Everyone. I managed to crack the off-side rear light unit at the weekend (don't ask...) and I need a replacement. I took the unit out to check the OEM part number which says its a LED unit, and looking at the light/reflector layout that is correct. But it has bulbs fitted! I'm assuming I...
  13. L

    Found T6 Nearside LED tail lamp

    Just had a hit and run to the rear of my vehicle needing a near side Led rear light unit on a 2019 …any ideas best place to buy ….cheers
  14. Dellmassive

    T6.1 LED sequential - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 LED - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It -- Its that time again . . . . Rear light cluster upgrades. ++++ This time with the transporterhq.co.uk pre-made LED T6.1 copy setup. These units come with sequential indicators and a FULL LED setup. this is what the site...
  15. D

    For Sale O/S LED Smoked tail-lamp £130

    Hi all have a T6 tailgate LED light for sale-Right hand side The Left on has a small crack In it so I am happy to send that also if someone wants to try and fix it! They are about £220 new so selling around £130 Ono plus postage which is not much. it’s in good condition as only 18mo the old...
  16. Morrispd

    Bulb fail warning light lit but no bulbs out

    67 plate with led rears. So I've had an ongoing issue with this for about 3 years. At first service one of the DTRLs was out, I assumed a bulb but main dealer said it was a wiring fault. This was eventually fixed but intermittent fail lamp showing on the dash ever since. I have a tow bar...
  17. T

    Found Drivers Rear light or pair LEDs for t6 tailgate

    Hi all After a car park nudge and run I’m after a driver rear cluster for my T6 tailgate model. I’ve got standard halogen headlights so think it’s just the bog standard mainly red lenses. Not keen on throwing on some of the cheap stuff on eBay so if you have a genuine used one please shout. I...
  18. iprice606

    VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS – Black Smoke

    Hi All, As the title states do you know if these are available and if so where I can get some. I have just spoken to transporterHQ who Informed these are not out until March, is that right? Appreciate the help
  19. Berger

    For Sale T6.1 LED Tail lamps. £400

    Brand new lights with adapter plugs and pins everything needed to upgrade rear lights £400
  20. Pewt

    T6.1 TransporterHQ LED tail-lamps

    Anyone bought these lights? VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS - Red (T6.1 Style) | T6 Lights | Transporter HQ