led taillights

  1. Berger

    For Sale T6.1 rear leds

    Brand new lights with adapter plugs and pins everything needed to upgrade rear lights £400
  2. Pewt

    T6.1 TransporterHQ LED tail-lamps

    Anyone bought these lights? VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS - Red (T6.1 Style) | T6 Lights | Transporter HQ
  3. Stu1974

    T6.1 LED tail light bodged resistor install!

    Don’t you just love finding bodged wiring on your own van. Rear led light 6.1 upgrade resistor attempted install. People only because it works doesn’t mean it’s correct or safe. I only found this because of an intermittent fast flashing indicator meaning resistor was losing connection.! All...
  4. L

    LED tail lamps - one brake light defective

    Hi I have Led rear lamps and on one side n/s the brake light part has stopped working . Does anyone know of a company or person that can repair it ? The lamps were on the van when i bought it so I've no chance of sending them back under warranty Many thanks Lee
  5. N

    Anybody find the T6.1 LED rear indicators poor?

    Hi I have the LED rear lights on the new T6.1 - tailgate. Driving on the motorway for the first time - in daylight. When in the slow lane indicating to overtake a slower car, I noticed that a few cars in the middle lane didn't just move into the right hand lane to let me out. I might just found...
  6. Stevio


    Hi Guys, I had some issues with some aftermarket gas struts from VANSTYLE. The uprated 1200 nM models popped off while door was closed and ripped my tailights clean off. I now have some cracked lenses along with other repairs :cry: If anyone has some of these for sale I would be interested. I...
  7. StueyStuey

    Sold T6 LED Tail Lights £200

    Pair of OEM LED Tail Lights for tailgate models. All in good condition. looking for £200
  8. tommy_t6.1

    T6.1 LED rear lights retrofit

    Can the led rear lights be retrofitted on to the t6.1? I've seen people mentioning they can be retro fitted on the t6 if it already has led rears, but nothing about vans with halogens. Anyone managed to do it? If so what's needed aswell as the lights?
  9. Stevemcc

    Wanted Near side smoked led tailgate light wanted

    Hi all looking for a near side smoked led rear light for tailgate t6 thanks
  10. Phil Blackburn

    Sold LED tail lights £200 delivered

    OEM LED rear lights from a tailgate model, perfect condition £200 delivered
  11. M

    Reversing Camera and LED Rear Lights

    Hi all, many thanks for allowing me to join, I have just purchased a 68 plate t6 camper with a brand new conversion, it has had a reversing camera fitted (the type that clips to the rear view mirror) everything was working perfectly but i have just upgraded the rear lights to the led type and...
  12. D

    T.6 to T.6.1 Rear LED Taillights (Tailgate)

    Morning Has anyone upgraded their rear lamp units on a Tailgate T6 to the T6.1 LED Rear Lamp Clusters? The below link is what I am in the process of going to buy. T6.1 LED Rear Lights Tailgate Genuine Parts Transporter 16 On | eBay Is it an easy straight swap, if not what needs to be done...
  13. B

    Who to make a t6.1 tail light loom

    Hi all I'm currently doing a T6.1 conversion on a T5.1 caravelle. The last part that I need to get is a rear light loom to convert mine to a 6.1. My question is does anyone know if you can buy a loom or is there anyone that could be recommend to make one?
  14. Eli

    Sold OEM Rear LEDS

    Having received my new 6.1 LEDS today I am now selling the OEM LEDS. Good condition. £150 plus £20 postage
  15. Jay

    For Sale T6 LED tail lamps £160

    I have a set of rear led light clusters from my Velle for sale. Tailgate version. Would prefer collection (nuneaton) but could be posted at buyers expense. There in great condition. £160
  16. A

    T6.1 genuine LED rear lights - tinted??

    Hi guys can anyone tell me if there is 2 variants or t6.1 led rear lights in tailgate fitment, normal and a darker tinted? Are these both genuine factory lights and anyone got any images showing the differences between them? Want to fit them to my t6, but not sure if the tinted will be...
  17. saxoboy

    Sold T6 LED Tailgate Rear Lights - Standard Tint - REDUCED FURTHER to £150 Delivered

    A pair of genuine LED rear lights, these will only fit vehicles with a tailgate. Fitting these to a van with standard halogen lights will require a plug swap/loom adapter (not included). Very good condition, apart from a small chip on the bottom of the passenger side lamp, as seen in the photo...
  18. Daniel2929

    Genuine LED rear light plug / pinout

    Hi Everyone I have purchased some genuine led rear lights Does anybody know where you can purchased the leads from? I know travelinlite sell them but there sold with the rear lights Any help would be grateful Many thanks Daniel
  19. fezza68

    Sold OEM LED rear lights.

    For sale led rear lights taken off my 2018 tailgate version bus at 3 months old in new unmarked condition. £210 plus postage.
  20. LakesT6

    Sold T6 Led Rear Lights

    A pair of genuine LED rear lights from my highline kombi, these will only fit vehicles with a tailgate. Fitment to a van with standard halogen lights will require a plug swap/loom adapter. Not a mark on them, very good condition. Only for sale due to upgrade. They should be available in the...