1. Skyliner33

    Seats: All leather or Alcantara?

    I am now at the point where I am going to get my front seats re trimmed. I have been repeatedly looking through the leather seats thread. Loads of awesome seats there and great inspiration. However I am struggling to choose the materials to use. My thoughts are leather/alcantara as this gives...
  2. StudleyGlass

    For Sale Vw Captains Seats With Recaro Backs Leather/Alcantara/Red Stitch. OEM. Heated

    I have my original factory heated seats which i had re trimmed by vision upholstery complete with Recaro Back foams. They have been trimmed in Black Nappa leather with Alcantara backs and base seat. stitching and logo in red. The passenger seat has not been used really, its brand new. drivers...
  3. T

    For Sale vw t5 california front seats {black leather }

    a pair of cali swivels retrimmed in black leather used but good condition £1650
  4. B@rrow

    Leather / Vinyl / Cloth Pros and cons

    Need to make up my mind for the covering on my new bed, probably going for a Titan mid mount. Need some inspriation with the covering material. Im thinking Leather may be hot and cloth may mark? any experience on this would be welcomed.
  5. JasonW

    Sgs Styling - Leather Upholstery

    Recently had the T6 seats and RIB upholstered by Steve at SGS Styling.... Sgstyling Fair play, He did a fantastic job using a design I found that he had never made before... Well pleased... They've turned out well... Italian long grain leather with Mid Grey Stitching
  6. J

    Our First Ever T6 Conversion. My First Ever Post. I Hope You Like It.

    Hi So this is my first post and just thought I would show you our little families first ever T6 camper that we collected on Saturday. It was converted by Mikey and Dave at Retrofitted in Bury St Edmunds. We are chuffed to bits.
  7. BognorMotors

    Pure Grey T6.1 We Are Building...

    We are nearly at the end of the build with this t6.1, and thought we haven’t put any pics up. This is a fully factory specified 199 4motion, with lots of BMVS options to finish it off. More pics to follow :-)
  8. Fromow

    1st Week

    So It’s been a week since taking delivery of my 204 4 motion DSG van and loving it.
  9. C

    New Upholstery-wow

    Just got the van back from upholstery, looks great in black with red double stitching. Having declared that we weren’t going to spend any more money on the van, a little voice next to me on the way home says, wouldn’t it look good with red seat belt ! It wasn’t me gov. . .
  10. Shredder

    Bespoke Mfsw Paddle Shift Steering Wheel

    Not long since had this fitted. Totally bespoke wheel made for T6 Highline MFSW with paddle shift i.e. it's not a Golf, Passat or other VW wheel altered to make it fit. It doesn't come with the metal Raceline badge at the bottom though. I had that fitted to match my seats.
  11. Martin Gibson

    Sportline Seats,leather Or Not?

    Hello, a friend of mine has bought a single and double front seat for his T5. They are from a T6 Sportline( the black and red ones ). He is buying a bed from Captains Seats in Melton Mowbray and when he sent photos of his seats to enquire about matching the bed to the seats,they told him that VW...
  12. andy58

    My Work Van

    Just uploading a few pictures of my work van work in progress
  13. S

    Vw 2017 Caravelle Leather Seats

    Hello, I have a question regarding Nappa leather seat base. I have a mark on my front passenger seat base. Is it possible to swap the seat base cover with the captain seat that is in the back ? Does anyone know if they are the same part number ? Regards Stuart
  14. IMG_4949


  15. Alisdair Russell

    Interior Fabric Choice

    Hi everyone. Newby here just trying to get ideas for interior fabric etc. For my new conversion; leather, alcantara or synthetic leather. I’ve heard that leather gets hot in the summer (RIB bed) and that alcantara which is on the other half’s Tiguan is hard to clean. The synthetic stuff seems to...
  16. Lukavell

    VW Factory Leather Seat Trimming

    Has anybody had their seats trimmed by VW as advertised in the brochure? Just wondering if it's any good? I would be very convenient to pick it up already done!
  17. Lukavell

    Potential New Purchase Ramblings...

    Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back on the forum again now... I've been looking at trading in my Caravelle, currently waiting for a Part Ex quote. I'm thinking about a Highline Kombi base van for a stealth swamper camper build and I'm currently spending far too much time on the...
  18. Fidget

    Finally Took Some Pics Of Mine.

  19. Steve@EDGEAutomotive

    Group Buy Interest On Seat Retrims?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to gauge interest on a group buy on seat retrims with you. If I can get an idea of numbers and what people would want, I would work together with you to finalise specifics like design and materials to use in the GB. Here are some examples..
  20. Phil Harris

    Matching Seat Pad

    Too much??