1. T6Paul

    Who can buy my lease van?

    As per the title, my van is nearing the end of it's vwfs lease, under the lease agreement through my Ltd company I can not buy the van personally. However, my father would like to buy my van at the end of it's lease and convert it into a camper, since I've had the van from new and the history is...
  2. R

    T6 leasing and ownership

    Hi all hope your all enjoying this glorious weather , just a question to members my lease comes to end with vw next March and barring any more major problems with my van I would to buy it it's a 150 dsg lwb kombi in BlackBerry . I've had the oil leaks crankshaft and dsg box all done under...
  3. A

    Leasing and conversions

    Dear members After realising I want a T6 now I just have to figureout the best way to get one and I need your opinion. My ideal T6 is a LWB, individual swivel seats up front and a 3 seat "rock and roll" bench behind,but here's the thing, really I want to lease the vehicle through my company...