1. O

    Would you let the van speed limit put you off buying a T32 LWB Kombi vs a Shuttle?

    Hi all. About to purchase a van, narrowed it down to a LWB T32 Kombi for £29k or a Shuttle for £26k. Same age (2019), both DSG and similar miles and spec. Kombi advantages to me would be the number of larger choice of mods, camping pods, converters, roofs etc and this particular one has a few...
  2. sebastian747

    Speeding “Class of vehicle” (Kombi 2040kg)

    This may help someone else - My VW is a SWB T30 I got clocked going 62mph on the A39 in Cornwall. The ticket says EXCEEDED SPEED LIMIT CLASS OF VEHICLE! Here are the facts for those that do not know them. If your van meets certain criteria then it has the same speed limit as a normal Car. Here...
  3. JTT6

    Rear storage / bed for caravelle converted LWB Kombi

    I'm about to have my LWB T32 Kombi converted to Caravelle rails with a triple bench seat. It has got me thinking about the best way to make the most of the rear space behind the seats. Currently thinking about building a box out of phenolic ply, with a large lockable drawer and a double skin...
  4. Montecha

    Kombi Evolution - California Roof

    I thought I'd post this up as when I was researching getting a California roof fitted to my Kombi, I didn't find much information, apart from that it's not the regular route and there seems to be only a couple of places that do the conversion. Anyhow, for a number of reasons I convinced myself...
  5. Superowls

    Kombi camper conversion

    Hi all, I have bought my 1st Transporter this week & am intending to convert it to a part camper It's a 2017 T6 Highline 150 T32 I spent quite a while trying to find one in the right spec as a good base for conversion and eventually found one with the engine & gearbox that I wanted, tailgate...
  6. mackmaya

    MOT: do to have to refit my rear seats in my Kombi?

    Hi all, do to have to refit my rear seats in my kombi for an mot...??? Cheers.
  7. Murdoch

    Bulkhead for twin door kombi

    Occasionally I use my kombi for longer distance travel and i find it noisy. Would a bulkhead improve matters and are they easy to fit / remove? thanks
  8. Lord Mfwic

    How to change rear seats to 3 singles.

    I'm thinking about changing my rear seats in my Kombi from 2+1 to 3 single seats. Has anyone done this or does anyone know what's involved?
  9. L

    Kombi insurance £800 more than my van

    I’m thinking if swapping my t6 panel vsn for a t6 kombI 5/seats same engine t6 hig
  10. W

    Re-installing tie downs

    I am in the process of fitting tie downs to the rear of my Kombi, When the van was converted from a panel van the conversion company used a one piece ply floor. Does anyone have the measurements for the location of the threads or advice on how I can locate their positions before i end up with my...
  11. Suzanne

    rear kombi seat (3 seat bench) - adjust back angle?

    Hi Anyone know if the angle of the back (upright) of rear bench seat can be adjusted to be bit more upright?
  12. B

    For Sale 18 plate 150 petrol tsi kombi for sale £28000 no vat

    Hi for sale is my 18 plate t32 Highline t6, 21111 miles. midnight blue (I think),2 years warranty left and a service left. lowered 40mm with H and r springs. heated front seats split rears. will have two new front tyres. has a rockford amp genesis speakers and a focal sub. heated front screen...
  13. G

    Load size after fitting bulk head to Kombi

    Hi does anybody know the measurement from where the front bulkhead was to the rear bulkhead I have to fit. Thanks
  14. Wango

    Sold Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018

    Volkswagen Transporter Kombi T6 Edition 150 SWB 2018 + £6k worth of upgrades An excellent example of this VW Transporter Kombi Edition. Never used as a work van or carried loads only used for outdoor adventures with the family. Beautiful van begrudgingly selling packed full VW factory extras...
  15. Captain Backfire

    Sold 2018 Petrol T6 Kombi £37.5k

    Styled by Van Haven in Dorset. TSI 204 DSG Highline, T32, SWB, Pearl Black, Captain Seats, Heated Seats, Comfort Dash, Discovery Sat-Nav, DAB Radio, Factory LED Headlights, Sunroof, Heated Screen, Tow-Bar, Reversing Camera, Auto Latch Twin Side Doors and Tailgate, Spare Wheel Tamperproof...
  16. S


    The result of some misunderstandings last year! Two unused rear carpets with orange trim binding, by Harrisons for a SWB Kombi with twin sliders. (The marks are not actual marks but just the way the pile laid in this particular photo) Please note lengths as I don't think that these were...
  17. IMG_8509.jpg


    My Base van - 2019 Edition Kombi 150 DSG Wanting to achieve Caravelle ride quality and rear interior seating , a bit of VEE DUB style and a bit of extra storage space in the voids.
  18. P

    Another side step question!

    Is there available the side steps for the sliding doors without any lights and suitable for a factory kombi (rubber) flooring height??
  19. P

    Retrofitting side windows

    I have today started by cutting out for the rear windows with success. However when I have put up the glass for a dry fit I noticed the tint/colour of the glass did not match the original kombi sliding doors!! I original bought the glass from Veedubtransporters as it advertised as a factory...
  20. tubs

    Wanted Kombi Step with Light

    As above .... thanks ;)