1. 3crispies

    Adding Kombi lights to rear seat-bases.

    Adding extra lighting in front seat bases, is there somewhere local to tap off, our passenger seat has no fused connectors as it was originally a panel van. Or is it a case of soldering off permanent 12v+ (red/black) and timed negative 12v- (brown/red) at original roof lights. thanx in advance
  2. Matthew Rowden

    Kombi Curtains

    Hi, After some help please. I have a twin sliding door factory kombi that I want to fit curtains to. Looking at the kits on line I am a little confused on how I fit the top curtain rail as the window frame is in the way. I won’t be able to get a drill or screw driver in there. Would I need to...
  3. Howler

    Sold 17 plate T6 T32 150 manual SWB highline kombi (no VAT)

    17 plate T6 T32 150 manual SWB highline kombi in deep black, currently on 52,000 miles. Full VW service history, I'm the only owner from new. In addition to Highline spec it has Adaptive cruise control, Composition Media Radio with 6.33" touch screen, App connect, Towbar preparation, Split rear...
  4. I

    Sold Motexion bulkhead £150

    Hi taken out my T6 kombi (lwb twinslider). It was drilled into the plywood lining so has some fixing holes. Ut otherwise seems good condition. £150 ono. Collect irvine.
  5. C

    Harrison Trim Kombi floor mats

    Hi all, Anyone used these guys or ordered this set? https://www.harrisonstrimsupplies.co.uk/VW-T5T6--Kombi-full-mat-set Thank you!
  6. 362bkr

    Does the Kombi bulkhead fit both SWB & LWB vans?

    Hi guys can anyone confirm that the twin slider Kombi bulkhead fits the swb and the lwb models please ?
  7. 362bkr

    Found Kombi bulkhead

    Any one got a Kombi bulkhead they want get rid off . Mines a twin door if that makes a difference . Ideally in the southwest area .
  8. P

    For Sale combi

    Thinking about selling my t6 blackberry combi 150ps dsg I’ll post just a short intro to the van. 17 plate 50k miles Airride airlift Recaro wingbacks all with fresh leather front and rear Vossen hf3 20s on vossen website as a show vehicle Rear alcantara head lining and panels all new This...
  9. M

    Sold Motexion Removeable Kombi Bulkhead

    Motexion Kombi removable bulkhead for sale. Removed from my recently bought T6 Kombi as I don't need it. It wasn't screwed in - just 'loose' fitted. There is a mark / crease as the bottom (see pics) but that's it Located in Derby (collection only) £ FREE! :) Thanks!
  10. t6blo

    Fitting 2nd Row Seat Brackets so I can move my Kombi Bench back

    I did a SWB Panel Van > Kombi conversion on my new to me T6 about 18 months ago. I bought a kit of genuine parts from a conversion company that comprised the 3 seater bench (in Simora to match the front), 4x floor brackets, underfloor reinforcement plates, seatbelts, upper mounting plates and a...
  11. boxer750

    Sold 2016 Kombi seats (2+1), floor, fittings.

    I am putting in a 'proper van layout' and want to move these along... They are still in the van presently, and probably best in there until sold. If you are reasonably close I can drive to yours and dismantle for the cost of fuel. I just bought the van secondhand from a dealer, so everything...
  12. O

    Would you let the van speed limit put you off buying a T32 LWB Kombi vs a Shuttle?

    Hi all. About to purchase a van, narrowed it down to a LWB T32 Kombi for £29k or a Shuttle for £26k. Same age (2019), both DSG and similar miles and spec. Kombi advantages to me would be the number of larger choice of mods, camping pods, converters, roofs etc and this particular one has a few...
  13. sebastian747

    Speeding “Class of vehicle” (Kombi 2040kg)

    This may help someone else - My VW is a SWB T30 I got clocked going 62mph on the A39 in Cornwall. The ticket says EXCEEDED SPEED LIMIT CLASS OF VEHICLE! Here are the facts for those that do not know them. If your van meets certain criteria then it has the same speed limit as a normal Car. Here...
  14. JTT6

    Rear storage / bed for caravelle converted LWB Kombi

    I'm about to have my LWB T32 Kombi converted to Caravelle rails with a triple bench seat. It has got me thinking about the best way to make the most of the rear space behind the seats. Currently thinking about building a box out of phenolic ply, with a large lockable drawer and a double skin...
  15. Montecha

    Kombi Evolution - California Roof

    I thought I'd post this up as when I was researching getting a California roof fitted to my Kombi, I didn't find much information, apart from that it's not the regular route and there seems to be only a couple of places that do the conversion. Anyhow, for a number of reasons I convinced myself...
  16. Superowls

    Kombi camper conversion

    Hi all, I have bought my 1st Transporter this week & am intending to convert it to a part camper It's a 2017 T6 Highline 150 T32 I spent quite a while trying to find one in the right spec as a good base for conversion and eventually found one with the engine & gearbox that I wanted, tailgate...
  17. mackmaya

    MOT: do to have to refit my rear seats in my Kombi?

    Hi all, do to have to refit my rear seats in my kombi for an mot...??? Cheers.
  18. Jayjmac

    Kombi SWB bed ideas

    I’ve been looking at ideas for this whole rear bed system thing.. I want one that you fold the triple bench down. Has anyone used these, owned one or knows of any good makes? we have a proper air tent and we had a air awning. To be honest the awning was rubbish. Got rid of the air awning and...
  19. Murdoch

    Bulkhead for twin door kombi

    Occasionally I use my kombi for longer distance travel and i find it noisy. Would a bulkhead improve matters and are they easy to fit / remove? thanks
  20. 68martin68

    For Sale Pull out kitchen and bed setup for T6 Kombi - sets

    Hi all, I have now finalised the design of the kombi pull out kitchen/bed setup I made for my van and have the material ready to go to produce some for sale. I will initially be making 7 setup's for sale in the black material. These will be sold on a first come first served basis. The design...