kombi conversion

  1. R

    Sold 2019 T6 Kombi bench, rubber floor, side panels, seat belts, bench floor mounts.

    Part way through my camper conversion, so the Kombi interior is now available. 2019 Highline with 20k miles and clearly not much back seat use. Everything is immaculate. Previous owner clearly screwed ply panels over the factory side panels though as there’s screw holes. Not a problem if you’re...
  2. K

    Kombi conversion - rear roof headliner options

    Any one got advice what to do with the rear headlining regards insulation and carpet at the moment it’s a panel van it’s going to be a kombi van do I carpet original roof panel ect thanks kirk
  3. S

    For Sale Kombi interior to sell

    Hi all, I have a full Kombi interior coming out of my van, 19 plate, very clean captains seats & bench (simora). Floor, brackets, belts, steps etc. Any advice on where to sell, interest would be welcomed
  4. McFlude

    For Sale Kombi kit including seat, bulkhead and floor mat

    I have a complete kit to convert a van to a Kombi which I have removed from my 2017 T6. It comprises of a three seater bench seat in Simora fabric with seat belts and Isofix. I also have a VW factory bulkhead and the rubber floor mat. All the appropriate fixings are included and the grey...
  5. Tomzo

    T6.1 LWB 150 DSG Kombi Highline T32 factory built or panel van conversion ?

    So with thanks to some excellent advice from members of this forum I am going for the above spec. It has been suggested that a conversion can be done at the same sort of cost as a factory ordered kombi. I’m going to having it insulated and carpeted and LED lights installed and getting a carpeted...
  6. R

    Caravelle seats in Kombi

    Hi everyone We are trying to decide whether to have Caravelle seats put in our kombi, or to sell the Kombi if we are able to find a Caravelle with a similar spec to what we have now. Our van is already carpet lined so it would be a case of getting the floor/tracks fitted and purchasing the...
  7. t6blo

    Fitting 2nd Row Seat Brackets so I can move my Kombi Bench back

    I did a SWB Panel Van > Kombi conversion on my new to me T6 about 18 months ago. I bought a kit of genuine parts from a conversion company that comprised the 3 seater bench (in Simora to match the front), 4x floor brackets, underfloor reinforcement plates, seatbelts, upper mounting plates and a...
  8. Montecha

    Kombi Evolution - California Roof

    I thought I'd post this up as when I was researching getting a California roof fitted to my Kombi, I didn't find much information, apart from that it's not the regular route and there seems to be only a couple of places that do the conversion. Anyhow, for a number of reasons I convinced myself...
  9. VinylArchie

    Converting Kombi vans

    Are there any obvious issues around converting Kombis? I’m looking for a panel van to convert ideally, but I see some nice Kombis coming up. Have heard stories of leaky windows but presume most people change the glass for privacy glass anyway? Panel vans with tailgates seem as rare as hens...
  10. Q

    Caravelle seating in to a Kombi?

    Hi everyone hope all are well. Has anyone fitted Caravelle rear seats in a kombi van ? I was thinking of changing my 2+1 kombi seats for two single swivel seats. Does anyone know what the cost will be roughly and who can do this for me. Any recommendations please
  11. Farnorthsurfer

    Sold Kombi Conversion Kit, Seats, Fittings and Belts etc

    Kombi Rear seats 2+1 in Simora fabric with seat belts/ bolts, floor brackets, tie downs and cups. Excellent condition removed from a 2016 LWB with no commercial use. Included are the original linings and trims for the doors, roof and one side (one side got cut, its still there but is in two...
  12. 1460aaron

    Sold Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats.

    Hi guys I am currently in the process of converting my Kombi to camper, so these seats are surplus to requirement! £800 - Location - Derby Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats. Including; Pillar - B-Post Seatbelts Floor Seat Brackets Rear Kombi mat (Twin slider) Lashing Points...
  13. Adam_T6

    Kombi Conversion - Seatbelt Measurement Please?

    Hello, Is anybody in the position to measure this distance, but on the drivers side please?
  14. CarpyT6

    DVLA: Panel Van To Kombi Conversion

    Hi guys, new T6 owner here, I've just got my hands on my new ride, T6 Kombi. Originally a panel van 3 seater. Has been converted to kombi with 2 side windows, tailgate window and now has 6 seats. The place i got it from said i dont need to inform DVLA about the conversion just insurance but...
  15. Jimmi

    Anyone Put A Pop Top On A Kombi?

    I normally just sleep in the back but it’s awkward when bike and bags etc are in the van. The obvious answer is a pop top,I could always convert into a camper at later date. Just Interested to see what peoples opinions are
  16. pematthe

    Kombi Factory Lining - Sell Or Reuse?

    What happens to the van part of the factory lining panels in a kombi during conversion? My 2017 T6 has unmarked roof and side panel linings and I don't know if they are reused and lined / covered as part of the conversion. They seem to be bits of hardboard or cardboard. Do they just get...
  17. Mr blue

    Sold Rear Kombi Seat Kit

    Vw 2016 kombi rear 3 seat bench including seat belts and seat belt trim covers ,4 quick release floor mounts in Vw Austin and black fabric great condition had covers on since new and SWB rubber floor and tie downs £600
  18. Mr blue

    Sold T6 Kombi Rear Bench Seat And Fixings

    ] For sale rear 3 seater rear bench seat in Austin fabric (covers on since new from 2015 swb kombi) the 4 floor mounts/plates ,swb rubber floor ,2 seat belts and seat belt cover panels £600 located Colchester Essex
  19. N

    Converter for Panel Van To Kombi conversion

    Hi I’m looking to convert my 2018 t6 panel van to a Vw spec kombi is this possible and is there any places in or near Birmingham that do this? Thanks
  20. Chris Joyce

    For Sale Kombi Triple Rear Bench/cushion Floor/belts/brackets Etc

    I have for sale the Kombi triple rear bench in Somora fabric, cushion floor, seat belts, anchor points and all bolts brackets etc required. Currently in my t6 but will be romoved over the next week as having the poptop fitted. I’ll also include carpeted panels where the seat belts enter...