judd t311r

  1. G

    Machined bolt holes

    Hello, I’ve got myself some Judd t311r wheels for my van, but I’m a bit unsure about the machining of the bolt holes. The PCD has been machined after the wheels have been sprayed, leaving bare metal inside the bolt hole. Will this not cause water to get under the paintwork and cause damage...
  2. j4ckal

    Sold Judd T311R gloss gunmetal 20" wheels and tyres. 9"/10.5" staggered set, as new condition.

    Up for sale are my stunning 20" Judd T311R staggered wheels finished in gloss gunmetal. They are virtually as new, purchased new by me last October from Bognor Motors. Ran for a few hundred miles then removed to fit winter wheels on. They are a staggered fitment being 10.5" (et45) wide rears...
  3. BognorMotors

    Gloss Black Judd T311R - 4 sets available

    We have managed to get hold of four sets of these stunning 20” wheels - 2 in 9/10.5 x 20 and 2 in 9/9.5 x 20. These have been unavailable for a while now. We also have silver, gloss and Matt gunmetal also. Pricing is £1530 inc VAT Be quick these won’t hang around for long.
  4. M

    T6.1 KW Suspension and Judd Wheels

    After months of deliberating and becoming lost with all the different views out there, I’ve finally had my new coilovers and wheels fitted to my T6.1 today. Travelled from Wales to @BognorMotors after lots of conversation and WhatsApp messages with Oli. Decided on KWv1 and Judd T311r in Matt...
  5. S

    Judd T311R 20”

    So I recently ordered some Judd T311r from Tamar wheels, I ordered 20x9J fronts ET 38 and 20x10.5J rear ET45, my order arrived today and I checked where the rim sits before getting tyres fitted. I’m a bit concerned how close the rear wheel sits to the inner arch liner! Obviously there was no...
  6. WeaWar

    Judd T311r 19" Staggered

    Hello all. I'm in need of some help finalising the width and offset combination on some Judd 19" T311r's I've got a black Kombi that's had b14's fitted lowered to the max, just waiting, for when funds dictate, to fit some matt gunmetal Judd's. I can visualise what i want but can't put it in to...
  7. Jayjmac

    Sold 20” Judd T311R gloss black

    Judd T311R 20s gloss black staggered 9 inch 38 & 10.5 inch 42 offset used condition but in excellent condition. Original caps included if your interested I’ll explain about the Porsche caps. Tyres- Michelin Alpin 235/35/20 on 9 5.55mm x2 Michelin Alpin 255/35/20 on 10.5 5.37mm x2 X2 spare...
  8. L

    Sold 20” Judd T311R Staggered With Tyres

    For Sale are my 20” Judd 311R Staggered rears. Fronts: 9.0X20 5X120 ET38 JUDD T311R (MATT GUNMETAL) Rears: 10.5X20 5X120 ET45 JUDD T311R (MATT GUNMETAL) Tyres:275/35R20 EVENT POTEN UHP XL 102W I brought and had them fitted at WheelBase in Jan last year and have covered around 3k miles. On...
  9. Jayjmac

    Sold Judd T311R 19s with tyres

    Set of Judd t311r 19 inch staggered 8.5 and 9.5 rear. These are in new condition. Gloss black. 8.5 offset et 38 9.5 offset et 42 Load rated at 815kg These come with Michelin pilot Alpin PA4 full winter tyres. all tyres have around 6.9mm tread. 235/40/19 96W Fully balanced wheels ready to bolt...
  10. BognorMotors

    Team Bognor Motors #bmvs

    We took a brand new cherry red T6 150DSG and added the following, for one of our long term rental customers; Supermetal Cell Alloys Sportline Front Spoiler World of Carbon Lip H&R -40mm Springs Black sidebars Black Mirrors and badges Front red trim We’ve loved building this, we don’t get to...
  11. G

    Found T32 19” Or 20” Judd T311r

    I’m looking for a set of Judd t311r alloys or bola csr wheels I have a t32 and had a look through previous post about load rating etc seems a bit confusing to say the least! Is anyone selling any or know of any forsale? Thanks
  12. S

    Sold Judd 311r Satin Black 20 Inch

    Hi I have for sale a pair of staggered Judd 311r satin black alloy wheels 10.5 j 20 et 45 weight rated for t32 these are the rear set from my t32 4 motion they have covered less than 1000 miles brought new in may from Tamar wheels and are in as new condition perfect. I am selling them because...
  13. Keaney

    Sold Judd T311rs 20” With Tyres

    For Sale 20” Judd T311rs freshly powder coated in Matt anthracite. Fronts 9.5J Et45 with Continental 96 235/40 tyres 5mm left Rears 10.5J Et45 with Powertrac 102 255/35 tyres 6mm left Also have a 9J ET40 that the buyer can have as a spare / see if they would prefer 9J on the front in the...
  14. Jamielad83

    New Owner .... Finally.

    Firstly, can I thank each and every one of you that have taken the time to respond to my many PM’s. Your knowledge and information at the start of this journey has been greatly appreciated..… if not somewhat damaging to the wallet. After many months of ups and downs I can finally say I'm a T6...
  15. Skyliner33

    Judd T311rs In 19"

    Just wondering if anyone is running the Judd T311R in 19"? I've searched but can find any and wonder if there is a reason why not? Thanks
  16. kn0bby

    Man Vs Van..

    Day One - Collection day.. The van is a 2017 Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 TSI BlueMotion Tech T30 Highline Panel Van DSG 5dr with only 9000 miles on the clock, in Starlight Blue. Its the perfect base vehicle for my camper/day van. Its currently in standard form but I will be going back soon...
  17. 308mate

    Black 20s On Acapulco Blue

    When choosing my wheels, finding example pictures and good lists of each van’s spec, was really hard. Typically someone would post a picture and the caption “Here’s my van, lowered on 20s.” Well that’s not that helpful when you’re stressing about tyre size, wheel rub, concave etc So I’m...
  18. Keaney

    T6 GSV - Build Post

    After owning the van since Sept 2017 things will start to ramp up this year: Judd t311r 20” alloys - thanks to Paul at Tamar Sportline splitter - thanks to Elliot and travelinlite and Baz at c&s coachworks Abp suspension with Accuair Elevel - getting fitted by the install company early Feb...
  19. P

    Concave wheels

    Folks, am trying to choose some wheels and really like the look of wheels with a slight concave to them such as Fondmetal STC-10. I'm wondering if there is any commonly accepted wisdom as to what looks best when fitting concave wheels? I quite like the look of a deeper concave on the rear...
  20. Fish

    T32 Wheel Options.

    With all these discussions of suitable load rated (860kg+) T32 wheels and the constant checks of suitability and questions such as "What is that wheel on your van?" "Is that suitable for T32?" "Will that wheel fit my bus?" etc etc I thought it may be worth starting a 'sticky' dedicated to this...