1. Salty Spuds

    Yet Another Ignition Feed Question, This Time With Is1 Interface

    I’m in the process of swapping my lead acid battery for a Lithium & i need to pick up an ignition feed to trigger the Sterling B2B charger. I have the IS1 interface under the passenger seat, the one with the Purple/Grey/Yellow plugs. There are a couple of pins that look as though they might do...
  2. gmaster

    Electrical Interface (is1) - Useful?

    When I got my van I specified the Electrical Interface (IS1) for about £40. I was kinda hoping it would come in useful in the future and for £40, it was worth the punt. I am not electrically minded (at all), but it looks as though it could be quite a cheap, worthwhile item to spec' (if you know...
  3. K

    Charge ignition battery trough the IS1 electrical interface of a T6 van

    Hi all, I have a waeco UI252A battery charger. It can charge 2 leisure batterys and the ignition battery. The last one with a current of 1 A. Can someone tell me if it's possible to connect the wire for charging the ignitionbattery to the IS1 electrical interface. Maybe by the pin a5 of the grey...
  4. gmaster

    Electrical interface...What is it for?

    What is the Electrical interface for external use (terminal block in driver´s seat)? I ask because I was hoping it could be a good place to wire my dash-cam in to.....Any ideas or wiring diagrams available. Thanks in advance.