head unit

  1. C

    T6.1 Headunit removal: Urgent assistance required

    I’ve started the installation under seat subwoofer in my California however I’ve got to the point after dismantling most of the dashboard. I can’t see how to remove this head unit as in picture apparently there’s some release mechanism but I can’t see where it is. TIA
  2. D

    SD card for headunit sat-nav

    Does the slot on the left mean if I purchase a SD Sat nav card and insert it it will work as a sat nave unit ??
  3. Florry66

    For Sale ZEI - Navigation system "Discover Media" including "Streaming & Internet" T6.1

    Evening all, just wondering if there is any interest in this, I’m having an upgrade at Absolut5 Audio in July and the Discovery Media system with Sat Nav, CarPlay, streaming etc, a £1115 plus vat option, will be available end of July, it will be removed from my 2021 T6.1 Highline with just 15k...
  4. RobJH

    The dreaded digitiser/touch screen

    Has anyone successfully removed the old digitiser? It appears mine has partially unbonded itself so a replacement over the top won't really cut it. Am I opening myself up for all kinds of pain trying to separate the two?
  5. K

    Composition Media headunit value

    Before selling my old T6, I swapped the composition media to a new Kenwood unit due to the right hand side being non responsive to touch. I’m aware that this issue can be repaired but given I no longer have the van I was wondering what the value of the head in it would be in its current...
  6. G

    T6.1 Bluetooth codec

    Another question - who knows, what Bluetooth codec the VW has?
  7. G

    Ringtone too loud

    How can I lower the ringer volume? Regards
  8. P

    RAC Big Orange B’stard - stereo update

    Hi Folks, Newbie here, who has just taken ownership of a 2018 ex RAC T6. I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to upgrade the existing stereo via firmware/software, or do I install the Road Angel DAB unit that I bought for a previous van? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  9. S

    T6 Head Unit screen failing - repair or go aftermarket?

    Hi All, New member here - nice to meet you! I have a 2018 T6 Sportsline Kombi and have been struggling with the head unit for a while often not connecting properly to Android Auto and needing a hard reset. But the left half of the screen is now unresponsive to touch input so its time to either...
  10. Benh76

    Sold Head Unit from 2016 T6

    Not sure if it works as was given to me with van with upgraded Kenwood unit. Was advised verbally it works but not able to test. Therefore any use to anyone for £20 ?
  11. Deviant Tubs

    Keys in the Ignition - Audio Runtime

    Dearest Hive Mind, I've got a rather wonderful 'Signature' system care of the Audio wizards at @Absolut5 in my T6.1 Setup is Audison Amp under the driver seat with a belter of a JL Sub under the passenger seat. Hertz speakers dotted around. It's a superb system, so much so it seems a shame...
  12. J

    T6.1 Head Unit screen failing - repair or go aftermarket?

    My HU has failed, the screen appears to have stopped working all together. It still lets me plat radio, plus source in via USB C sockets etc and retains all functionality , I just can see any of it ir interact which is far from ideal. The unit has never been great to be honest. The van is just...
  13. T

    Which replacement head unit, less than £500

    Hello, just purchased a T6 and unfortunately the head unit has no BT from factory... Im looking to replace it with an aftermarket one and would be nice to keep just the sensors on the screen and to have apple car play. Any recommendations which one to fit for less than £500. Thanks
  14. U

    Navigated Liverpool - MIB 2 Radio repair

    My T6 MIB2 radio has been getting worse over the last 12 months. At first it was like someone was touching the screen or moving their finger over it. Did a little searching and it’s a common issue on 2016 MiB units I also found some crazy costs and sticking plaster services. A lot of these...
  15. HoopDub

    Head Unit, yes i know do a search....but.....

    Having done a search all the "what head units are available that keep the oem functions like nav dab rear camera and park assist?" But the threads are all what id consider old, a couple of years is a long time in technological terms. So i thought asking again may throw up some different newer...
  16. Smarterzipoo

    Wanted Radio knob

    Hi Guys. I don’t suppose anyone has their original head unit they dont need and would be willing to post me the volume knob. My knob spontaneously broke and fell off. It’s only a little thing but really bugging me.
  17. D

    Touchscreen Replacement for OEM Head Unit Digitiser

    I know there is a post somewhere guiding you through the DIY repair of a touchscreen by adding an overlay. However this one provides a screw by screw guide with no missing bits to cause confusion. Literally just finished mine and it was a breeze.
  18. M

    VW T6 Radio Code Help

    Hi! I bought a sh radio, plugged it into my car and it asks for an unlock code. I found a site but it costs 10$ for the code. Is there any free method? Thanks!
  19. kevin jones

    T6 2016 radio Sat Nav system problems

    Hi Hope someone can help. have read on this forum in the past. VW 2016 Transporter Sat Nav have had problems. Is it worth sending it off to someone to have it repaired or should I replace it. If repair does any one know of someone. Thanks
  20. D

    T6.1 Caravelle Headunit - add amp and sub

    Can anyone help . I have a caravelke with the flat screen head unit .does it have a sub output. Is it possible to attach an amp for just a sub. . Regards Andy