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  1. mrmortar

    T6.1 highline standard head unit support media formats

    Hi everyone, The head unit in my new van has a more polished interface when compared to my MK7 golf. Does anyone know if it supports media formats beyond what these might have in the past (MP3,WAV)? I can spend time trying but thought I would post on there to see if anyone is in the know on...
  2. A

    T6.1 Add / Change vehicle image on Infotainment system

    The infotainment system on my T6.1 has no vehicle image. I'm pretty sure there should be a van on the vehicle status page, here is mine:- Would be great for someone to send an image of their 6.1 vehicle status page(s) Playing with Carista Beta there are options to change the vehicle...
  3. A

    Headunit Touch-Screen Not Working

    We just bought our first T6- 2016 and love her. However, the touch screen for the radio etc. is not working at all- we knew this when we purchased her. We can operate the radio channels on the steering wheel , but not the "touch" screen itself is not operating. What are our options for...
  4. J

    Unlock DAB?

    Hi everyone. I have recently picked up a 67 plate Shuttle SE and I'm surprise to find that even though it has a fairly up to date entertainment system with Apple CarPlay, it doesn't have DAB radio. It looks like this may have been an option. Are there any experts around here. Is it possible...
  5. J

    Has anyone experienced the CD player overheating?

    Anyone experienced actual CDs overheating even after short time playing?
  6. Rich Green

    Rcd330 stereo and reverse camera.

    Hi guys. I have ordered a rcd330 NOname radio for my 5.1. Install is very simple by looks of it. However does anyone know how I would connect up my existing aftermarket reversing camera? Behind my radio (if I remember rightly) I have the yellow plug from the camera and I have just ordered an...
  7. Ads_Essex

    Ingleby Electronics

    After my Discover Media screen started getting dead-spots and then ultimately ghosting to the point that the only screen I could have it on was the Main Menu (otherwise it’d call people or change sat-nav destinations) I followed these two and got it repaired.. Whilst I’m £320 lighter, the unit...
  8. Body snatcher

    Would I need a code for radio headunit was I to disconnect the battery?

    Would I need a code for radio head unit was I to disconnect the battery ?
  9. S

    Head unit repair

    Hello. I've seen a heap of threads on this but wanted the most updated info if poss without reading a load of posts. My 2017 T6 has a 'frozen' display. Radio plays but cant change station or operate any of the buttons. Seemed to be ok with carplay but on its own it cant be adjusted. Most...
  10. Pauly

    T6 Radio System Wiring Diagram 2016

    Radio System Circuit Diagram Covers basic audio system headunit, speakers and microphone, also shows optional emergency call module VIP Membership is required to download this document
  11. R

    Radio problem

    I have a VW kombi T6 2019. Today when I used the vehicle the radio played for 20 seconds then went silent. The station still shows on the screen but no service. I also tried with DAB and still no sound, I pulled over turned ignition off removed keys and restarted after 2 mins but same thing...
  12. cy294

    Recalibration of touch screen?

    Afternoon everyone, Having difficulty with my factory head unit in cancelling the screen which appears when reverse is engaged. There is an X which appears in the top right hand part of the screen and when you press the X, it then cancels the display and reverts back to the home screen...
  13. Loz

    T6 Radio removal

    Loz submitted a new download: Radio removal - Removal and Installation guide for the Radio/Navigation system Read more about this download...
  14. B

    Discover Media issues

    Hi, New member here! My 2016 Transporter Kombi has an issue with it's entertainment system and I am not sure how to fix it. I'd be grateful if someone could advise. All of a sudden the entertainment system seems to hang when I change radio channels, either via the console or the stick on the...
  15. WolfmanMick

    OEM HU questions on software and camera.

    Quick two questions before we exit lockdown & I take my first trip out in the T6. 1) Can this head unit take a rear reversing camera? Got barn doors. 2) Do i have to update the software & maps on it? It's in a 2016 T6 if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help in advance.
  16. R

    Head Unit model help!

    I’ve taken this out of my 67 plate T6, but have no idea what model this is. Anyone know where to find this? Or what these are going for? Thanks (first time owner)
  17. Matrob93

    Sat Nav Unit wanted.

    I've been looking for sat nav media unit and I'm trying to find a genuine vw product. I've found one from Germany but I'm a bit skeptical as to whether its genuine or not. Is anyone able to advise, appreciate it is on ebay which is always risky...
  18. P

    Wanted Multimedia system t6

    Wanted multimedia system for t6 must be in good condition Must be sold with full receipt and no issues Locked or unlocked
  19. P

    Head unit profile - T5.1 & T6

    Hope someone can help i want to know if the t5 and t6 head units are the same profile
  20. Irvine101

    Wanted 3D Printed HU screen visor wanted

    On a previous post I asked whether it was possible for a next project if someone would be interested in designing / printing a sun visor for the Infotainment system. I have now found a link to a 3D design for the T6 and wonder if anyone - @Jono perhaps - would be interested in printing one of...