head unit

  1. Steve1978

    Tablet head Unit.

    Hi. I would like to replace my head u it with a tablet. Either iPad or galaxy. There are some problems that I’m hoping you folks can help with. 1) is there an adapter that can screw in to the existing holes that secure the stereo this would secure the tablet in position. 2) how to get the...
  2. A

    Bluetooth connection woes!

    Hey all, I have a 2021 T6.1 with the attached head unit. I think I'm doing something wrong or have missed a setting as even VW wouldn't design something this bad! If I have a phone (Android) plugged in with a cable and switch the engine off and then turn the engine back on without...
  3. D

    Head unit valuation

    I wanted a larger screen and apple play so decided to have the original (2018) T6 head unit removed and now have a Xenec which I'm happy with. So I have an 8 button VW unit with satnav etc to sell and I'm confused by all the different models on ebay. Can anyone advise on reasonable ballpark...
  4. P

    Satnav - headunit upgrade?

    Hi everyone, I have 2015 t6 highline, I'm happy with with the headset apart from it not having satnav, is there anyway of upgrading existing unit as I don't really want to spend a grand on a fancy all singing and dancing kenwood or pioneer unit although I'm sure they're super.just looking for...
  5. W

    Standard T6.1 sound improvement for £0

    (Disclaimer - I know everyone's audio preferences differ so please don't shoot me down if you try this and it sounds awful to you!) I think it's universally accepted that the T6.1 standard setup doesn't sound the best. On the motorway in particular I'd find that I'd be turning up but it sounded...
  6. O

    T5.1 MULTIVAN Multimedia HEAD UNIT upgrade

    Friends. I cannot live with stock music. Planning to upgrade speakers and add sub. But, I have multivan and shape of console trims does not give opportunities. Wanted to install RDC360 android head unit, really great device with stock look. But it will not fit by dimensions, lol. Any other...
  7. chafey69

    Replacement headunit throwing up error. Code out?

    Has anyone local to Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire got Vagcom? I've replaced my headunit with a oem looking version with Android Auto from Travelite....thing is the ecu now registers the original as missing and keeps throwing up errors on engine management light. I can reset them using...
  8. R

    Sold Discovery Media Apple car play unlocked. £680

    Genuine Vw Discovery media Apple car play and Android auto unlocked Component protection removed Plug and play £680 Collection from Bournemouth
  9. Murdoch

    CarPlay VW software?

    Got home yesterday. Unplugged iPhone , got out and locked van Then realised radio was still playing, so I opened it up and couldn’t turn off the radio off. Locked van with radio playing 2016 T6 Kombi Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks
  10. Dave Lawson

    Head unit reset every time?

    Ignition on, radio comes on because that’s what was on when I turned ignition off but nothing works on the screen or the buttons down each side? I do the hold the power button down reset then everything works. Any ideas?
  11. G

    Sold Kenwood DMX8019DABS + Retention harness.

    Removed from van yesterday, comes with retention harness (.harness purchased from Jason ) You may ask why I am removing it, well to be honest it was a bit of an impulse buy. I was interested in the wireless Android auto and it's a bit buggy and disconnects every so often ( could also be my...
  12. Mistuk

    For Sale VW Headunit - fully working incl SD card activated for CarPlay. £200

    I don't know what these are worth. I understand it needs "unlocking" due component protection, but understand that it's possible now. Unit is fully working, includes the SD card and already has Apple CarPlay activated. Based near Salisbury, Wiltshire - open to offers Sorry - didn’t know about...
  13. K

    Will a T6.1 Head-Unit fit the T6?

    Quick question, does anybody know if the audio head unit from a highline t6.1 will fit into a t6. Ta
  14. J

    First time poster - T6 DRL wiring issues/head unit issues

    Hi All. First time poster from Australia. This forum is great - it's a little harder to get the info we need down here in Oz because not as many van lovers here yet. I have 2017/18 T6 Multivan Comfortline (mid spec passenger van). love the car/van but starting to develop a few classic VW...
  15. mrmortar

    T6.1 highline standard head unit support media formats

    Hi everyone, The head unit in my new van has a more polished interface when compared to my MK7 golf. Does anyone know if it supports media formats beyond what these might have in the past (MP3,WAV)? I can spend time trying but thought I would post on there to see if anyone is in the know on...
  16. A

    T6.1 Add / Change vehicle image on Infotainment system

    The infotainment system on my T6.1 has no vehicle image. I'm pretty sure there should be a van on the vehicle status page, here is mine:- Would be great for someone to send an image of their 6.1 vehicle status page(s) Playing with Carista Beta there are options to change the vehicle...
  17. J

    Unlock DAB?

    Hi everyone. I have recently picked up a 67 plate Shuttle SE and I'm surprise to find that even though it has a fairly up to date entertainment system with Apple CarPlay, it doesn't have DAB radio. It looks like this may have been an option. Are there any experts around here. Is it possible...
  18. J

    Has anyone experienced the CD player overheating?

    Anyone experienced actual CDs overheating even after short time playing?
  19. Rich Green

    Rcd330 stereo and reverse camera.

    Hi guys. I have ordered a rcd330 NOname radio for my 5.1. Install is very simple by looks of it. However does anyone know how I would connect up my existing aftermarket reversing camera? Behind my radio (if I remember rightly) I have the yellow plug from the camera and I have just ordered an...
  20. Ads_Essex

    Ingleby Electronics

    After my Discover Media screen started getting dead-spots and then ultimately ghosting to the point that the only screen I could have it on was the Main Menu (otherwise it’d call people or change sat-nav destinations) I followed these two and got it repaired.. Whilst I’m £320 lighter, the unit...