head unit

  1. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  2. Irvine101

    3D Printed HU screen visor wanted

    On a previous post I asked whether it was possible for a next project if someone would be interested in designing / printing a sun visor for the Infotainment system. I have now found a link to a 3D design for the T6 and wonder if anyone - @Jono perhaps - would be interested in printing one of...
  3. X

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs .... Or Similar

    Hi I am increasing frustrated by the poor sound quality of my Discover Media satellite navigation system in the Caravelle and I was wondering about upgrade options for a fully functioning HU that will run all the VW functions. Apart from the above Kenwood model are there any others or is this...
  4. Robert

    MIB2 Discover Media - Infotainment FEC / SWaP

    I couldn't find any info about FEC / SWaP here on this forum, so I decided to post a little bit. Obviously FEC is Feature Enabling Code and SWaP is Software as Product. This is the list of my available features: And this is the list of my installed features: So I already have the...
  5. T

    Powering The Stereo From The Leisure Battery

    Hi, I want to use the stereo from the leisure battery when parked up and camping. It's easy enough to run the supply and install a manual switch (or maybe a relay) to switch between the leisure and vehicle batteries but I'm wondering how the auto-switch off after 20mins or so of the ignition...
  6. D

    Motormax Vw T6 Rvc Woes Please Help!

    I’m hoping one of you technically minded gurus can help me out as I've spent 3 days trying to get this reversing camera installed with no joy! So here goes, bought s VW T6 RVC from Motormax a few weeks ago in the hope of fitting it to my T6. I have the Discovery +Navi head unit so it should be...
  7. paul5319

    T6 Quad Lock Wiring ?.

    Hi Guy's, Can anyone tell me what the two orange wires are in the grey part of the quad plug ( orange with a green strip and orange with a black strip ? ) see photo i think i know which are the speaker wires, Any help appreciated.
  8. 18T6

    Discover Media - Turn Off / On And Control Via Phone?

    hi, I asked a rather confusing question in another post. But... say we are sleeping / hanging out in the roof bed, is it possible to turn on the headunit, select source, playlists, adjust volume, and then turn off via a smart phone app? If so what is needed as there seems to be several...
  9. walnuts

    Aftermarket Stereo - Support For Parkassist?

    Hey all, my T6 has rear parking sensors and the basic DAB (non-satnav) headunit. Are there any after market stereos (Kenwood/Pioneer/whoever) out there that will retain support for the sensors? Cheers.
  10. Glenn Board

    Is My Media System Reverse Camera Compatible?

    Hi, I am fitting a reversing (OEM) camera, and I am told to plug one cable into number 6 and the other into 12, but which ones are they on the blocks? Does anybody have a map or diagram of the block and what res where please?
  11. CRD

    [GUIDE] Head unit removal and rear speaker wiring

    I have fitted rear speakers and have run the cables through under the cab floor and they are currently dangling through fuse box access panel at the moment. I shall (hopefully) get them connected tomorrow but first I'll need to remove the head unit (Discover sat-nav). Any pointers or tips on how...