group buy

  1. 3RGK

    Wanted Glass primer

    Has anybody got any left over or just bottle/s or glass black primer i can buy?? Desperately need this weeked can drive within 2 hours of WA7BZ
  2. Dellmassive

    Sold Valence U27-12XP Series 12V 138ah Lifepo4 Battery

    Valence U27-12XP Series 12V 138ah Lifepo4 Battery ok people, the seller has said we can do a group buy. There are 10-20 batteries available, they are listed else where, so its first come first served. - once they are gone . . . there gone. They are £305 each via cash or BACS and to be...
  3. T6 dork

    Accelera 255-45-18 103y Xl Back In Stock £46 Each

    ok, if you want any they are pick up only or send a courier please these are trade prices inc vat short supply so hurry to secure a set i need a deposit as they sell fast and take weeks to come again pm me with a mobile my location is 2 mins from J30 M1 cheers SORRY PRICE INCREASE £48 EACH
  4. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  5. Steve@EDGEAutomotive

    Group Buy Interest On Seat Retrims?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to gauge interest on a group buy on seat retrims with you. If I can get an idea of numbers and what people would want, I would work together with you to finalise specifics like design and materials to use in the GB. Here are some examples..
  6. T6 dork

    Group Buy .... 255/45r18 Accelera Phi 103y Xl ... £46 Each ...

    5 sets of 4 available £184 a set good value tyres if you dont want to spend a fortune
  7. A

    Awning Dilemma

    Hi, I've done a fair bit of research into drive away Awnings - including going to the CCM show at the NEC to view. Vango Galli stood out - was also considering Outdoor Revolution T4 or T5, Travelpod Touring Air. Setup is SWB Camper (sadly LWB too long for drive), family of 2 Adults, 2 Children...
  8. BognorMotors

    Bilstein B14 GROUP BUY

    Hello all We are working with Bilstein on a group buy for the forum, for the B14 kit, delivered to your door. For the T26/28/30/32 To get the numbers to work we would need 10 interested parties. The price delivered would be £950 inclusive of VAT. Let me know your thoughts and if you are...