1. Angieg

    Upgrade or not ? From T6.1 to Fiat Ducato Expedition!

    Anyone gone from a T6.1 to a Fiat Ducato Expedition 68 or similar ? …. A long shot I know ? Been looking at the crafters but don’t seem big enough and many haven’t a loo. We don’t want a big motorhome Hence trying to keep within a Campervan range. We have slowly realised that our day van (Ovano...
  2. snowdrop

    Life after T6

    Hi All, with a few moments to spare in retired life I thought I’d give an update about how things went after selling the T6 campervan and moving to a panel van conversion. . So , going back before Covid, I had a nice team white T6 campervan that I really enjoyed having and particularly getting...
  3. Markymark

    Detailed Theft Info On Fiats And Fords Data From Insurer

    Very surprised to receive this info from my insurer outlining problems with Fiats and Fords in Essex. Sounds like a gang doing the rounds. Over the past 2 months we have seen an increase in thefts of Fiat Motorhomes due to technology available to purchase online, which overrides the...