1. Plastic Cow

    For Sale 2005 T30 130PS LWB Auto Shuttle, T6.1 Facelift.

    Not you usual forum sale but a clean looking inexpensive Van/Day Van/Weekender. History from 2014. Twin sliders. Original Sand Beige Metallic over Porsche Mamba Green. The replacement engine has 165,000 miles and the middle row double seats are sold. The remaining six seats have orange GTI...
  2. Lightrofit

    T5.1 to T6 front end change - A Quest!

    Hiya folks! I have searched the site (albeit probably not enough) and I'm looking for the differences in parts to completely change a T5.1 front end to T6. So far, I've got the obvious: Bumper, wings, headlight, bonnet plus some fitting parts... But looking at pics and ETKA, parts such as...
  3. S

    Early year T5 upgrade

    I'm looking for a T6 kombi, 150 T32 DSG tailgate. £35k!! What if I purchased an early T5 with above specs? Much cheaper. I'm going to upgrade front with more stylish aggressive front anyway. New wheels with air suspension. I maybe talking 2012. Find the lowest mileage T5. I'm not wanting to...
  4. M

    2018 T6 Highline Kombi front end for sale

    Hello - We've just completed a facelift of our T6 Kombi to a T6.1 front, so we now have a black front, light, grill etc that came off to sell, but a) I'm not sure what sort of price I should be asking and b) not sure where's best to advertise it. Any ideas very welcomed. (We also have the...
  5. Carrosserie lio

    t5 transformation

    hello everybody my t5 conversion , home made initially van 2 seats , whitout rear glass now
  6. tommo

    Project Frankenstein 2.0

    Hi guys! Oh yes, unfortunately for you i'm back! :sneaky: Last year i made a pause from my van due to the work. compared to where we left off on the old post, old frankie! i sold even the T6 Transporter 140bhp that i bought in the middle of 2021:rofl: Last january i bought a used T6 caravelle...
  7. Lightrofit

    T6.1 front end swap with ACC

    Hiya folks! I’ve had someone ask about sorting their ACC since they’ve fitted a T6.1 front end. I know that the radar units are different so using the newer style is out but with the positioning of the new unit, I don’t think the old style unit will calibrate so high up. Anyone come up with a...
  8. F2JON

    Team strange colour

    So here’s my entry for team strange colour.
  9. R

    For Sale 2016 VW T6 (T6.1 Facelift) Highline Kombi DSG - £37,000

    For sale 2016 SWB Kombi Highline LV Pack DSG 67 Plate Finished in Pure Grey Originally built by Leighton Vans 45,000miles 2 Owners - Full VW service history MOT - Sept 2021 MANUFACTURER STANDARD SPECIFICATION:- Remote Central Locking, Cruise Control, Electric Windows, Electric Heated Door...
  10. F2JON

    Sold T6 front end

    august the 9th my van is going in for a full re paint and T6.1 front end facelift (excluding bonnet ) so if anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs a t6 front end, wings , bumper, h4 headlights , gloss black painted grills etc then let me know, I also have a travelinlite sportline front...
  11. LambethBoy

    T6 to T6.1 Facelift

    Has anyone done this to their T6 yet? Was thinking about investing in the T6 LED genuine headlights, then looking at how much that would cost I’m not far off doing a facelift and selling my T6 front end on to someone else. Just wondering what T6.1 H7 light output is.
  12. Plastic Cow

    Pimping The TransVelleCali: T5 to T6.1 Swamper Look

    Hi, I’m a new member, gratefully received by, I believe, an old hand (Thank You); it was suggested I send some pics: This is a £1k banger T30 Transporter with full windows and 9 seats in Sand Beige and dents in every panel, including the roof! It had done 320,000 on the original motor and now...
  13. S

    Does the front T6.1 bumper fit a T6?

    Does the 6.1 bumper fit a t6......???
  14. B.different

    T5.1 to T6.1 facelift

    Hi all just wondering if any owners on here are T5.1 that have been converted to a T6.1? I'm about to start my conversion but wanted to know what issues others have encountered. Mine is a caravelle so I will be changing the tailgate ect to.
  15. Thomas Hopkins

    Startline to Highline bumper upgrade

    Hi all, I know this topic has been mentioned before but was wondering if any more info has come about regarding he replacement, I have a 2016 startline in white with standard non colour coded black one piece front bumper and would like to convert to a colour coded highline front bumper, does...
  16. R

    T5.1 front bumper compatibility a T5

    HI there guys one of our transporters is a 58 plate t5 shuttle, what I,m trying to find out if a t5.1 bumper is a direct fit or do I need to do any adjustments. only wanting to replace the front bumper, or would I have to replace the whole front end. regards paul......…..
  17. P

    Project 400k - T5.1 to T6.1 facelift

    Hi everyone! My first post as I need some of your expertise! Technically I own a T5.1 (don’t evict me!) but I am in the process of doing a T6.1 conversion and full respray of our 2014 LWB highline. I did read about body coded parts? But I really need some help with electrical stuff. Ideally I...
  18. tommo

    Frankenstein! T5.1 to T5 facelift

    Hi all, Alex from Italy, this is Frankenstein, "Franky" for friends :D is a 2012 T5.2 140bhp LWB...converted in a T6 2017 model... with a very very hard work! here a little gallery of the work in progress. in dec 2018 i bought this van from Brema in Germany, a little bit rusty...
  19. P

    Part numbers that begin with 7e and 7h are they the same