1. planetflash

    Headlights cause ESP and ABS warning lights [Resolved]

    When I turn my headlights on (side or full) my ABS and ESP warning lights come on and stay on, even if headlights are then turned off. They reset if I restart the car and do not come on during normal driving. These two systems seem like they should not be linked :/ Any ideas? It's a 2016...
  2. C

    ESP deactivation/activate with OBDeleven?

    Does anybody have the long coding to activate/deactivate ESP in OBDeleven? I have a long list of codes but nothing for the ESP function. My T6 doesn't have a button on the dash to enable/disable the ESP like some versions T6 have. I would like to disable the ESP in snowy conditions. Currently...
  3. sofakingwrong

    Getting Stuck In The Mud

    So spent day getting stuck in the mud on and off having to move around a field for a Christmas market event ... some of the times I got the van free by rocking the car back and forth D to R using the dsg box with the traction control off, to be honest never thought I’d get stuck so much putting...