electric seats

  1. N

    Caravelle memory seats - wiring LHD to RHD

    I have a full caravelle interior, including electric memory front seats. These were originally destined for the LHD market so the memory function is on the passenger seat in my RHD van. Has anyone done the conversion to move the memory buttons across and code into the van?
  2. Pauly

    T6 Powered Seats Wiring Diagram 2017

    Power Adjustable Seats Circuit Diagram Driver and passenger adjustable seats in right hand drive vehicles VIP Membership is required to download this document
  3. M

    Swivel base with electric lumbar and heaters

    Hi All, I've tried the search but cannot see a straight answer. We're looking at swivel bases for both front captains seats but they are heated and have the electric lumbar function. Do these still work OK with the swivel bases, looking at Rusty Lee bases. Thanks.
  4. Ozbar jim

    Wife Not Pleased..

    Hey Everyone..i need some help. Just came back from a west coast road trip to Kintyre. Great drive and scenery...you gotta go! My wife commented that the seats..coupled with the lowered suspension made the ride a tad harsh. I call it sporty..lol..but it got me wondering if anyone has altered...
  5. jzd7tcm

    Electric Lumbar

    Hi All Recently the electric lumbar adjustment has stopped working on my 2016 highline kombi. I have checked fuses generally including the lower dash fuse box and under passenger seat but no joy so far. Anyone have any ideas? PS... Seat heaters are still working. Thanks in Advance Tim
  6. T6Andy

    Retrofitting Electric seats

    can I fit any other make of Electric seats? My seats aren't Electric but could I have an auto electrician run power to a set of Electric seats to power the motors and any added seat heating? I have a chance of free Nissan 300zx seats that need a full refurb....they would look the part once done!