1. Bardot

    Eberspacher S2 Easy Start Pro temperature display [Resolved]

    Hoping one of you guys can answer this for me. I have installed a S2 Eberspacher with a Easy Start Pro control unit. I have not installed an External Temp sensor wishing to use the one in the control unit. However when I turn on the heater I get no Temperature displayed on the control panel. I...
  2. Doulsy

    eberspacher d2 easystart pro help

    anyone wired this up from new? can't understand it, the loom comes with 1 plug on it, and about 7 other wires, the cotroller has two plugs, one fits the loom and the other has 3 wires on it and they dont match any the 7 spare wires colour wise apart from 1.
  3. Wills

    Eberspacher Easystart NO HEATER fault

    My D2S heater was working fine yesterday. Later on I attempted to start it and the Easystart displayed NO HEATER with a spanner icon. The control outer display was flashing red. Any ideas as there’s nothing On line?
  4. Garny999

    For Sale Eberspacher EasyStart Remote plus 221000341800

    Hi all, I have a brand new replacement / spare remote for the Eberspacher Airtronic Heater. Bought in error as I thought you only needed the remote for it to work with the easystart pro...doh!. I believe It requires another module for it to work and I cannot find one. Anyway its available for...
  5. Skyliner33

    Programming Eberspacher Easystart Remote To Easystart Pro

    Can anyone shed any light on how I program the Easystart remote to the Easystart Pro timer please? I've tried removing and replacing the fuse to the fuse to the Easystart Pro, but nothing seems to happen to let me pair the remote. TIA
  6. Fish

    For Sale Eberspächer Easystart Timer

    Eberspächer Easystart 7day timer. 100% unused, only opened to photo. Some of you may have seen the story regarding my Easystart and know this was provided direct as a replacement that wasn't required(incorrect installation). £100.00 inc P&P. Fish An example of size, mine is fitted in roof...
  7. Coradia63

    Eberspacher D2 Easystart Remote+

    Hi All I finally got round to installing an externally mounted D2 heater I've now just got to wire it up tomorrow and the only thing im not completely clear on The heater came with a 801 controller and I got the Easystart Remote + Im trying to work out if I can just install the remote and not...