1. t6blo

    Sold DJI MINI 3 PRO - Fly More Kit (extra batteries, charge hub, bag)

    DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit The ideal addition to your drone is this Fly More Kit. 2x Additional batteries to extend flight times Charging Hub so you can charge 3x batteries together Shoulder bag padded and will take the drone, the charging hub and the controller Spare Propellors and screws...
  2. t6blo

    Sold DJI MINI 3 PRO Drone & Fly More Kit + DJI Care Refresh - 2 weeks old!

    Well the novelty wore off in less than 2 weeks and about 35 minutes flight time. Up for grabs is the full monty and all the bells & whistles.... DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) Drone - amazing colour screen remote and 1x battery plus original packaging Fly More Kit - 2 extra batteries, case and spare...
  3. Kev23

    Any drone gurus?

    I'm looking to purchase a drone and thinking about the DJI Mavic 2 pro or the Autal evo pro 2, anyone have any experience of these?
  4. amdowney

    Our Alps Trip - Video Edit

    Not sure if I posted this on here, but think this came out OK - spent long enough learning to edit it!